Warm Jewels Quilt

I’ve been on a roll with finishing up quilts!  Our baby could be arriving this month, so I’m using the nesting urges to my advantage in the sewing room.

My lack of blogging does not necessarily mean that I haven’t been sewing.  I find the photography/uploading/editing process to be so tedious that I put it off for another day...

I’m trying something different today which, if it works, could really simplify this step and make it enjoyable.

I just snapped these photos with my phone, used the blogger app and did minimal editing on my photos.   Yes, I realize I may be from the Stone Age,  I guess I just thought I needed to use my camera.

But on to this quilt... I had some leftover 2” squares from another project so I made some four patches.  Then I thought they’d be more special set on point.  Then some scrappy strips between would be fun... and here’s this warm and bright little quilt, which I quite like.  It’s about 40” square.  Forcing myself to use my Hope Valley stash, as you can see from the backing!

Diamond Value Quilt

Oh, I do love this quilt so!  It's directly inspired from this one, by WiseCraftQuilts.  It's been on my list of quilt to make for a long time.  I didn't make it very large, it's a small lap size.

The backing is a voile, which is of course so silky and puffy.  I'm not exactly sure what it is about this design that works so well, but I can see myself making another one like it in the future.  (I think I cut the squares to 3")

Scrappy Mountain Majesties

I've always admired this pattern.  It's so simple, yet striking.  Here's the first one I've made, but likely not the last.  It's a great scrappy quilt, using either value or color to show off the pattern.

It's basically just a big half square triangle, which you then cut into four strips, rearrange, and sew back together.

Tutorial right here.

High Five Quilt in Pastels

I haven't been quilting much the last couple of months, but I still have a backlog of quilts to show you from earlier in the winter.  Might as well start back in with my favorite.

I used a pattern called High Five from the book Sunday Morning Quilts.  I love this book as it is full of scrap quilts that are simple and not many 'traditional' blocks.  I have contemplated quilting through this book and making every quilt.  I actually have made a few of them already in the past. 

Anyways, this quilt.  So fun to put together.  And the final colors are so 'me'.  Actually the whole quilt is so 'me-ish', it couldn't get any closer.  I'm keeping this one, that's for sure.  I doubt anyone else would like it as much as I do! 

My only regret is the backing choice, which is a soft cozy flannel, but definitely girly, and also I think it's a bit bright and busy and takes away from the front just a bit...oh well, I find it hard to envision how the backing is really going to mesh with the front until it is quilted and washed.  Something about that final texture that makes it all look different than when it's just flat pieces of fabric.