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Quilt the Book:Simply Retro...Complete!

Here we have all the quilt I made out of the book 'Simply Retro'.  Two of the quilts were large lap size/twin quilts, and the rest were baby size or I downsized them to baby size.  Although I finished the last one at least a year ago, I can say that I really enjoyed this project.

I think I enjoy having some creative restraints.  Working with a pattern that I may not have chosen and then finding fabrics and maybe a slight design tweak for it is very rewarding for me.

Simply Retro: Vintage and Fresh

Remember back when I decided to quilt through a book?  You can read about it here if you like.  Anyways, I did make every quilt but one in that book.  I just forgot to blog about the last two quilts so I'll show them to you now, even though they were made and sold many months ago.

This first one is called 'Vintage'.  This block reminds me a bit of the granny square block, but constructed differently.  I also downsized it ALOT.  I really like this smaller version of the block!  The strips in the original were 4", and I think I made them 2", so the blocks will have ended up around 12".

Sweet Escape Quilt

I feel like I have a fair bit to say about this quilt.  

Like, "it's bigger than it looks in the picture!" 

"and those are 1.5" wide strips!"

"and isn't the quilting amazing?" 
(I didn't quilt it)

Let's start at the beginning though...

Gone Camping Stars Quilt

Heart Quilt

Vintage Dresden Plate Quilt