Pinwheels and the Three Bears

So excited to be back to a bit of quilting again!  This bundle of fabrics is the fat quarter bundle that I put together for Monthly Sparks at Fabric Spark!  There are also a few individual bundles left.

The whimsical black bears were my starting point for this bundle.  Somehow pinwheels seemed to be perfect to pair with the bears!

I took the 4 light background prints and cut them into 5" squares.  I took the remaining prints and cut them into 3 1/4" squares and made hst units out of them.  (Trim them to 2 3/4")  These 12 fat quarters will make a 40"x 40" quilt, with a strip of each left over to add to my scrap bin.

Granny Square Quilt

This little quilt is a trip down memory land for me!  I posted my first tutorial for this block on January 23, 2012!  Over four years ago.  It's still by far the most viewed page on my blog.

I so clearly remember the first two blocks I put together for my original quilt.  I was wanting to make a block that resemble a crocheted granny square.  I started with one 2.5" square in the middle.  Went around it with two more colors, added a white border, and then Voila!  It looked a bit like a granny square!

It was of course, a traditional quilt block already.  Often called the Album block, although I've seen it under many other names as well.  All I did was pull it out of the past and throw it into the online quilt blogging community.  It had all the right ingredients to be a popular quilt pattern, considering it's simple vintage appeal, the way it looks so good in scrappy colors, it is simply a pleasing shape.

So four years later, it's still a quilt design that  I find appealing!  It truly is a classic, which stands to reason, since it has been around for a lot longer than four years.  (Here' s where it would be nice if I had done some research on this block and could tell you about it, but I didn't:)

Star Quilt Top Complete!

The star quilt top for my son is complete!  It needs a good pressing yet, but it's going to be set on the shelf till the backing arrives so I'll wait with that.  Thanks so much for all of you that weighed in on the minky backing debate!  I don't know why I hadn't considered flannel as a compromise, but yay!  That's perfect!  I ordered some 108" wide flannel in Natural, which should be perfect since the top is 90" square.

I haven't decided yet if I will hand or machine quilt this one.  I thought I would put it on my quilt frame and get my mom and grandmas to help me quilt it, but I don't like to ask them to quilt around each star and really I think that's going to look the best.  Any other quilting ideas for me?

Random Sewing

As you may or may not have noticed, I've been having trouble finding time to sew, and for sure not finding time to take photos of projects and blog about them.  I am not by any means losing interest in this little spot, as I've always loved the aspect of an online quilting journal, rather than the social media and connecting aspect of blogs, instagram, etc.  Often I will daydream about spending more time here, and all the many things I could do to make reading this blog a more enriching and enjoyable experience.  It really will happen more, one of these days!

Meanwhile, I have been doing some sewing here and there.  Some of these are from before Christmas, and have been sold.  I went through a little stage of thinking maybe I'd like to make more smaller items to sell, like pillow covers, etc. so I made a bunch.

I do enjoy that, but if I'm making one of a kind items, it's a lot of work to photograph and list each one.  So in the end, that's not so profitable.

Right now I'm trying to focus more on sewing the things that I need/want in my home.  Like my son's quilt, (the star one) that he's been begging for me to finish.  As of yesterday, the stars are sewed together and I'm making a strippy border.  It's going to be a queen size, as that's the size of bed I think he'll be using in the future.  His request was to have minky or something plush and soft on the back.  Honestly though, I just don't see that working to back this large pieced quilt, so I think I'll use cotton, and then he can use the minky throw that I bought for the back as a separate blanket.

I think my main concern is that I will not densely quilt minky because it's a serious headache and to just lightly tie or quilt it will not be durable enough, considering all the seams.  What do you think?  Anyone have experience using plush fabric as backing on a large quilt with lots of piecing?  If so, how did you quilt it?