Scrappy Nine Patch and Some Scrap Management

Can you see the patches of dark and light in this quilt?  I sewed together alternating 9 patches of darks and lights (with medium values thrown in helter skelter).  I just used my stack of 2.5" squares from my scrap drawer.

I really do like the subtle pattern that this brings to a scrappy square quilt.  It also is easier to assemble a quilt full of squares when you make them into 9 patches first.

I used poly batting and hand quilted this one, making it puffier and so very soft.

I really want to keep this one, but sadly we have enough of this baby size kicking around the house...

The back and binding are favorite prints that I tricked myself into using by telling myself that I'd keep this one:)  Once the quilt is done, I'm usually okay with parting with those favorites because there's always new favorites appearing!

I thought you might be interested in how I've been cutting up my scraps the last year or so.  I still have my baskets overflowing with various sizes, divided by color.

What I've found for myself though is that I like making simple quilts from precut squares or strips, so more and more lately I've been taking my scraps from any project and quickly cutting the leftovers into a few different sizes and stacking them in my drawer.  That's where the 2.5" squares for this quilt came from.

Here's how I divide up my scraps: 

Any piece that is width of fabric, or half width of fabric (the lenth of a fat quarter - 22") I cut these into 2.5" widths and pile them in this little drawer that you see above.  I've found that I love making Scrappy Trip Quilts, and these strips are perfect for that.  I also throw my leftover binding strips in here.  Although they aren't usually the right length, they are 2.5" wide, so we'll sew something with them eventually.

Next, I cut 5" squares.  I like 5 inches because they are the size of charm packs, so they are very versatile and there are lots of patterns written for 5" squares. 

Finally from the smaller pieces I cut 2.5" squares. 

Here's my drawer of squares.  I really like having these squares cut and stacked, they make me feel happy!

Making a Scrappy Mexico Quilt {and a notice if you bought the pattern before March 12, 2015}

Today I want to show you how simple and fun it is to make this pattern in a scrappy manner.  But first of all, if you have purchased the pattern already, please read the next paragraph!

I realized today that one step needs clarification.  Under Piecing, Step 3., it tell you to pair your blocks into sets.  The first pairing is

6 pairs of Color #1 and Color #2

Here's what it should say;

6 Pairs of Color #1 and Color #2 (3 of the Color #2 should be the ones marked diagonally bottom left to top right, and 3 should be the ones marked top left to bottom right


 On to making a scrappy version of this quilt!  So if you've already purchased the pattern, you will notice that it is divided into four colors, Colors #1-#4.  In a non scrappy version, if the chart says to cut four of Color #1, then you will cut four all of the same fabric. 

In the scrappy version, you will use each Color # as a color family, rather than one fabric.

In my photo just above, Color #1 is Navy Blues.  As many rectangles as the chart says to cut of that color, that's how many different fabrics I chose for that color family.  I then cut one rectangle for each fabric.

Thinking in color families this way ensures that you will keep the overall design intact. 

This version you see here is the mini quilt size which I decided to include in the pattern because they are just so cute! 

Potent Ansonia Quilt

I used a fat eighth bundle each of Ansonia by Denyse Schmidt and Pretty Potent by Anna Maria Horner to make this Scrappy Trip Around the World.

I love how it's saturated with color, but in a rich almost vintage looking way.  (I think putting these two designer's fabrics together would likely always have this effect!)

I'm also amazed how I've ended up making so many quilts with this pattern.  I think at least half of it is that I like how they're constructed.  Using 2.5" x 22" strips is just a convenient size.  I can pull a fews fabrics off my shelf, cut a 2.5" strip off of each one, and I'm ready to sew!

Three Thoughts on a Saturday (actually four)

As I was rocking my baby back to sleep in the dark bedroom last night I had three thoughts.  Well, it started with one thought and then moved on to the next, which brought me to the third. 

First of all,

People are so nice.   I was thinking this after publishing my first quilt pattern this last week, and how many folks said such kind encouraging things.  I am constantly humbled by the goodness and generosity of others.  I want to be half so good!  And also remember to compliment others on their lovely work, because I'm always blown away by the amazing quilts I see, but how often do I take the extra minute to mention them?

Which in a roundabout way brought me to my second thought,

Putting my work out there to sell is a very. terrifying. thing.  A free tutorial?  Not a big deal, if someone complains, well, it was free, what can they say!  This though, puts a whole new level of responsibility on a person.  Really it's not so different than selling a quilt, I guess.  It's just that I've been doing that for quite a few years and I've never had a bad experience. 

and then my third thought, which was more directly related to my second thought...

I totally should not put this on my blog, because...  well, just because I shouldn't.

and then I decided once again that I must go back to my original reason for blogging when it was just so much fun!  I must pretend that my only reader is my mom.  Meanwhile, I am so happy for you, any of you reading.  I just must not think of each one of you, and what you might personally think about my lack of grammer, or my run on sentences or need for validation:)  I will not worry about one single should for blogging.

lastly I realize that really there was a fourth thought closely connected to the third thought

which is my musing that something similar is the reason for the death of blogging.  because when you've blogged for a few years you naturally amass a fair few readers.  While this can be so exciting, you might find yourself at a place of pressure, where blogging becomes work, it becomes political.  It's no longer a journal/friendly conversation, but almost a bit too much like work!

Anyways, I've declared a war with myself and am taking back my blog!  I will envision all my readers merging into only one reader.  A kindly lady who loves quilts and could talk about them for hours.  One who sits at my table and happily peruses my latest quilt finish.  (Funny, this lady does look kinda like my mom)

Curious if anyone can relate to this mumbo jumbo?

Also, I seem to have used a few italics in this post.  Makes me think of Emily of New Moon.  I think it was her who used too many italics in her writing!  (one of my favorite book series of all time)