Blue and Green Scraps #2

This quilt is already sold, but just realized that I hadn't posted about it here.  It's another one of those from my flurry of cleaning out my blue and green scrap bin.  After this one, I have one small one that I'm hand quilting, another small lap quilt top completed, and strips to make one more lap quilt.  So one small and four medium sized quilts from one wire basket of scraps!  It's crazy how far this fabric goes.  And also makes me realize again how many quilts worth of fabric I have in my stash!

I used wool batting in this one, because I had bought a few packages of it on a good sale.  It makes for a puffier and slightly heavier quilt, and the loopy quilting stands out quite a bit.  I like to do these loops on a quilt with strips like this, because the seam lines make a perfect straight line for me to follow.

Blue and Green Scraps Log Cabin

Here's the first finished quilt as a result of emptying out my blue and green scrap bins!  I used all blue and green scraps indiscriminately, adding neutrals as the contrast logs in each block.  As I was making block and putting them on the design wall, I was feeling alarmed by the chaos of colors.  So many prints with a blue or green background had lots of bright pinks in them and it was making it look a little crazier than I had envisioned.

I reassured myself though that the final step of quilting and then washing the quilt, always blends and brings the blocks together, and once again it did!

I used a voile on the back, and my go-to poly/cotton blend batting.

Simply Retro Quilt #4 - Dwell

Another completed quilt from the Simply Retro book.  I made fewer blocks than the original, because I wanted a baby quilt.  Also, there are four different styles of houses and I left out the pinwheel houses, because I wanted a simpler look.

This is a fun pattern to sew and I can see making it in some sweet old fashioned calicoes next time...

I did 3x3 houses and because the house blocks are taller than wide, the quilt ended up at 34"x42" after washing.

The back is a shot cotton which makes it extra soft.

Sweet Life in Tiger Lily

Time to make another quilt from Simply Retro!  I love this quilt block, but the quilt in the book had each individual block at 16".  Ending up with a very large quilt.  I wanted to use my fat eighth bundle of Tiger Lily fabric, but didn't want a queen size quilt, so I downsized the blocks by half. 

This block is now more like 8".  I'll give you my measurements when I post about the finished quilt.

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