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Scrappy Trip Quilt

I’ve been attacking my UFO drawer in a serious way lately.
I’m determined to follow through and finish all partially started Quilts before I start any new ones!  I’ve made a lot of progress, going to make a guess I’m over half done!  
I’ve realized that for my quilting to be enjoyable for me in this busy and chaotic stage of life, I need a lot LESS.  Less projects on the go, less fabric (I’ve bought almost no quilting fabric for a year!) and just a simpler clutter free sewing space.
These blocks were in my unfinished drawer.  I downsized the scrappy trip patter to 2” strips instead of 2.5”, and 5 strips instead of 7.  I really like this mini version, but I think I put them away because they weren’t big enough to make a quilt.
Now I added low volume squares around the outer edges to make it larger, and we’ve got a baby quilt!

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