A Hopeful Quilt for Me

First of all, I'm taking part in the Blogger's Quilt Festival, if you didn't come from there, head on over and check out all the quilty goodness.

This quilt has been in the works for a while.  When Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt came out, my first reaction was that it was kinda drab and boring.  But by now, I really love it.  Somehow the colors are rich, yet grownup and subdued.  Old fashioned without being drab.

I used CluckCluckSew's free tutorial to piece the quilt top.  And before you all turn up your nose at raw-edge piecing, just let me put a word in for it.  Sure, it's a bit more casual, and maybe it is lazy, but I'm thinking it's the only way I'm ever gonna have a whole quilt pieced with circles.  And now that's it's all washed and soft I really like the extra texture it gives.

This quilt top sat around for a long time waiting to have it's back made.  Once upon a time I fell in love with this quilt back, and set it on my brain shelf for this quilt.  After I had the geese made, I decided to add the word HOPE in.  Partly because this quilt is made from Hope Valley fabric, but mainly because this is a word that I need to be reminded of lately.

Now I'm off to snoop around the Quilt Festival.  Happy Quilting!


One day, on a whim, she decided to start a blog.  She thought, "How hard can it be?" and then was immediately faced with what to name the crazy thing.  So being a tad lazy and in a hurry, anxious to get to the next page, she pulled the current tagline from her Etsy shop, named it that, and regretted it ever since.

That tagline was Happy Modern Quilts, and every time since then, when I read one of those discussions on "What is 'modern' quilting"  I always cringe.  In real life I've never labeled myself as any certain type of quilter, and to do so on my blog makes me feel squirmy too.  On top of that, I know that I'm not a 'modern' quilter since I don't love midcentury modern design, and I don't hate Moda charm packs!

So yesterday I decided, why not just start a new blog?  I need a fresh start anyway, with a few new resolves, and it's free, and easy...

So here goes.  I decided to play it safe and go with my Etsy store name, and my Flickr name of Blue Elephant Stitches, even though it feels like a long handle, and maybe a bit cutesy babyish.  Oh well, I still kinda like it, and its different than anyone else out there.

Another thing I'm gonna try here:  I've always found it hard to show my true self in my writing.  When I write a post, so often I'll write something, then think 'that's sounds rambly, or goofy, or grumpy, or someone might take that wrong..."  so I'll delete it and just write something generic.  I know it's partly because all you lovely encouraging people who actually read this blog (which is great)  but I get to feeling a little silly and thinking "they don't want to read this".

So this is my resolve.  I'm gonna blog without obligation.  I'm doing this as a creative outlet for myself, and if it turns into a bit of a diary sometimes, fine.  If I don't feel like talking and just show you some projects, great.  If I don't feel like blogging for 2 weeks, peachy.  After all nobody was forced to read this.  And if you've decided to follow along on my journey and read my quilting blurbs, Welcome!  I'm glad you're here.