Anyone need some retail therapy?  When I'm feeling a bit grumpy here's a fun thing I do:  Go to Hawthorne Threads, or FabricShack, or SewDeerlyLoved, and fill my virtual shopping  cart.  I ponder, delete items, find new ones, somehow tricking my mind into thinking that I'm totally planning on buying it... Then I move on to something else, and forget about it, but guess what, in my mind I had that fabric.  I dreamt of quilts or little girls dresses, but it was free!

And then once in a while my resolve weakens...and wierd! but a package arrives at my Post Office box.  Guess I must have actually bought that one ;)

These fabrics are from a fairly new collection called Tea Garden by Dena Fishbein.  Something about them is totally yummy to me.  I just love Dena's style which looks like she hand painted the design right onto the fabric.  It's kinda casual and almost whimsical.  Makes me think of a cottage by the sea. (the colors anyway)

I think the flowers in vases on white is my fave, but this little birdie is a close second.  I can see them in a quilt like this, with white sashing...  Has anybody invented a "Time-Stretcher" yet?  There's so many quilts I want to make, but my babies are growing up fast!


  1. Hi Jo... I didn't know you had a blog & just found out so I have read your last couple entries... I'm a blogger addict so I will be following you! Keep up your stitches- love them! :) Rachel from Colorado :)

  2. I do that too! I love online "window shopping"! That fabric is cute too, love the little birdies.

  3. I love that stack you put together - what great harmony.

  4. - it never hurts just to put it in your cart
    - this way I won't lose track of the pieces I love
    - you're not actually buying it until you pay for it
    - if I win the lottery I will have full carts at a lot of places so I can quickly spend my money

  5. Nope, I can't do that. Once its in the cart I am probably going to justify buying it and that package will be on my doorstep before I know it! I do this on Etsy sometimes ... its a little safer, since it stays in my cart and I can decide in a few days or weeks if I REALLY want that fabric, but otherwise its risky business for me haha. (Case in point, I was on fabric.com this weekend and ordered what was in my cart, then moved on to burgundy buttons, and before I know it I was emptying out my etsy cart as well... not deleting, no ofcourse not, just ordering it all! Awful... I have a problem... lol)