First of all I want to thank you all for the responses to my last post.  You are a lot of kind, wise folks out there! It's a bit humbling when I think that here I am, sitting at my messy computer desk, just the most average out of millions, and here you take the time to read my stuff, and actually communicate with me.  Well!  Thanks again.

Just this last week I got a new cellphone.  Now anyone who knows me well would say this is more than just a normal announcement.  It's basically newspaper-worthy.  I've carried around the same cell for about 6 years. Back then, it was the most basic phone you could find, and all I used it for was emergencies.  (Oh, my relatives pulled out their hair trying to get a hold of me)  But now we changed phone companies and with the deal came new phones, so my husband decided for me that I was getting a nice new cellphone, so here goes. And I think I'm getting addicted already.   But let's get to the reason I'm telling you this.  One of my first thoughts was, "I've got to make a cover for this thing".  Oh, the weird thoughts of people who love to sew!
So yesterday during naptime I quickly came up with this little cover.  It was fun to make, and only took about an hour, total.

I chose a fun stripe (The Big E by Michael Miller)  and some  coordinating Kona Solids and lined it with a cream colored felt.  The felt worked out great.  It won't fray at all, and gives it nice padding to protect the phone from life's little bumps.  I used velcro to fasten the tab and covered it with a button for decoration.

I had to add one of my little tags, simply because it's so much fun.  Do you do lots of sewing?  You should really get some of these tags to add to gifts or just your own stuff.  They're not expensive at all and just give such a finished feel.  I got mine here.

That blue stripe close to the top?  There's a pocket in there for a credit card or two, and that little ring on the side...well I'm gonna get one of those little lobster hook things on there so I can attach my keys to it.  That way I can run into the store with just this little bundle when I don't want to take my big bag which includes pampers, wipes, a bib, various Cheerios, and a bunch of scrunched up receipts.


  1. Cute cell phone cover, especially with the little extras--great idea! You should probably do a tutorial on it :)

    I have actually gone to MommieMadeIt to check out custom labels so here's my question: Do they say "blue elephant stitches" on both sides or just one? I noticed on the website that they are 1" so she prints near the top and you just folded it in half? Thanks for any info.

  2. So cute, and love the fabric...have already flipped over to etsy to try and get me some :-)

  3. Oooo, I LOVE IT! I think I need one of these!

  4. I'm so glad you changed the whole tone of your blog - it's come completely to life for me - I need to be braver but I always imagine my in-laws reading it and looking puzzled!

  5. Super cute! Thanks for the link to the labels. Yours look perfect.

  6. hey! this is SOOO cute!!! good job!!