Monday Thoughts

*six more loads of laundry

*20 minutes of quietness so far (it's naptime)

*technically not quietness, since the 3-year-old is talking in his room, not sleeping.

*so many sewing/quilting projects to finish before Dec. 25.  I wish I could show them to you, but things may
be a little quiet here.  I promise you'll see them after Christmas.

*loving this description of winter in my country.  It made me a little less grumpy about this cold and snow.

*if you're feeling a bit sorry for yourself, and want to stay that way, don't follow this link.  It might make you realize how astronomically good you have it.

*if you're like me, you then feel so bad that you can't do more.  Then remember this saying: " As one person, I can't change the world, but I can change the world for one person."  And that one person might be right under your nose.  So don't take anyone or anything for granted.

*it's now quiet from the back bedroom.  #1 (we call them #1 and #2 at our house, the kids I mean) anyways, #1 must be sleeping.   Now I'd better hit that laundry pile.


  1. sweet post, we have it so good! thanks for the reminder!

    have fun with the wash! :o)

  2. A glimpse of real life. Thank you! I am taking time to drink in the Manitoba winter scene as is so pretty when the world is covered in a quiet blanket of white....but after 5 months of it I may not feel the same :-)

  3. That binding makes my heart go pitter patter. Jo, I just love your blog!

    Ah, blessed Monday and the joys of can we dirty up so much stuff?

  4. I LOVE those hearts!! So sweet :-)

    ~ Meagan

  5. I chose not to visit the link you posted~because yes, today I'm having my own pitty party for myself. lol.
    I was diagnosed recently with Hashimoto's disease and have other 'things' going on that have yet to be diagnosed, Maybe fibromyalgia? horrible pain, like i have the flu most days.
    I love your quilt post with the hearts :)
    beauty~ful fabrics!