Colors of the Sea {+Goldfish}

Quick popping in to show you my second quilt for my class samples.  I pulled it out of the dryer this morning, and now it's at the quilt shop, together with it's big sister.

It's amazing to me how the same block style can make two such different quilts, and the possibilities are still endless.

Adding in the apricot hued fabrics was a last minute decision after a few blocks were made already.  And of course that's my favorite thing about this quilt.  Piecing the blocks for this one was so. much. fun.  Deciding on each round of the block which color to go with next.  I guess I'm a bit crazy, but I just love it.

I used up the last scraps to make the binding, which wasn't my first choice on this one, design-wise.  But I wanted to show this as another personalization that folks can add to their quilt to make it unique.

So now between the two quilts I have all kinds of options besides colors and fabrics.  Block placement, types of quilting, types of binding, backings, and on and on.  It just makes me realize how many, many, quilts I have to make yet before I run out of ideas!

If you live anywhere near Linden, Alberta, pop in at the quilt shop and check it out.


  1. o wow! I wish I could take this course!!! when will it be? maybe I'll have to schedule my next visit for it:)

  2. Love.these.quilts! And Prairie Girl lives about an hour from me now. Maybe we should travel up together to your class. How about it, Prairie Girl??

  3. They are beautiful! I live in Alberta ... where's Linden (I'll go look it up!)

  4. 9 miles and i will be there.very nice!m

  5. Very nice. I love the dasho of orange!

    Just to let you know, I refered to you in a blog post I did today. I made a pouch with some scrappy spools on it, inspired by your mini, and gave you a shout-out. Thanks for the inspiration! If you want to take a peek at the post, it is at

  6. LOVE that goldfish quilt. All the blues and turquoises are my "happy colors", and the orange just peeks out and sings. Very clever!


  7. oh, i just love those colors. so fresh!