Pin Cushions and More

Every Christmas I have these moments where a small gift is suddenly needed, and I have nothing on hand.  Sometimes I have a bit of time to come up with something, and sometimes I don't.  So for the times I don't I've been doing something very unusual - working ahead.  I've been having so much fun, and there's so many great tutorials out there for little useful(ish) projects.

First up:  this little pincusion.  Super easy and fun.  Having never made a pincushion I was a bit stumped on what to stuff it with.  I snooped around a bit online and read a few discussions on it.

A lot of people were singing the praises of crushed walnut shells (allergy allert), but using that would negate the reasons I'm sewing this stuff to begin with.

The reasons being:
1.  I get tired just thinking of going out shopping with my little kiddos anytime, let alone when it's uber-cold.  (remember, I live out on the prairies and am a good 45 minutes from any shopping mall.)

2.  I have so much crafting stuff floating around, I need to put it to use, rather than going searching for something exotic.

3.  I love making stuff.

So, back to stuffing.  I found out that any ideas about filling that would "sharpen" your pins is outdated, since our modern pins don't need sharpening.  Somewhere I read that you could cut your leftover bits of batting into tiny pieces and use that.  So I did, only I used the fluffy polyester batting and it worked really well.

But one more thing I hadn't thought of, was that your pincushion needs a bit of weight to it, so that when you go to pull out a pin, the pin cushion stays put.  Well, who'd a thunk it?

So I added some rice, which sinks to the bottom and adds the perfect weight.

There are more of these in my future.  Hopefully someone needs a new one.


  1. So cute and cheery! I have been using walnut shells for my selvage pincushions but have been rethinking it. As weird as this sounds, pet stores totally freak me out (I have to send in an advance person to scout out where they keep the "slithery" things--and I'm here to tell you that, at least in our town, they are not sequestered to the back of the store). Anyway...I'm thinking of going the rice-polyester fiberfill route. Cute, cute, and cheery fabric!

  2. so cute! that looks easy enough for me...