A Full Brain

I have such a backlog of things to show, but I've decided I really want to start recording more of my process and 'in progress', so I'm just gonna open the chute a bit here and see what comes out of my brain (and picture folder of projects)!

First of all,  here's the quilt I received in the "My Favorite Little Quilt Swap."  Here's the quilt I sent, and here's the Flickr group (they're having another round right now.  It's a great group to join if you're interested in trying out a swap!)

This little cutie was made by Nellie of Nellie's Niceties, and it's looking pretty happy on my sewing room wall!

A custom quilt order.  It's a twin size, with 6" squares of Hope Valley.  I'm waiting on backing fabric right now.  The customer requested a linen or linen-look backing, so I'm hoping I'll find a compromise between the look she wants, and something that I can work with and not leave me bald from hair-pulling!

I ordered these fabrics a while back on a complete whim,  and they've been nagging at me from the shelf.  I wanted a design that would showcase the big lovely prints, but still be a little interesting and cottagey all at the same time.  I find that although I love some of these bold printed fabrics, they don't work as well with the designs and types of quilt that I like to make.  Hmmmm....

And now, the best for the last!  Project Modern's second challenge is monochromatic quilts.  I'm so disapointed that it's only for US residents,  (I was really bugged, till I found out that it's because of some kind of crazy laws about contests that some countries have, not because they thought it was too expensive to ship internationally)  But I think I'm gonna play along just because I'm so INSPIRED with this idea!  I read the word monochromatic, and BOOM!  I knew I had to make one.

 I don't know how I'll build it yet, but I know it will be green, since that's my all-time favorite color.  I pulled out every green fabric in my stash and completely fell in love with the stack.  Here are only the monochromatic prints, and I may add a few more with dashes of other colors,(a smidgen of hot pink?) just for interest.  I made a gallery with some quilts that inspired me, but we'll see what happens.


  1. MMMM. That stack of fabrics is pretty yummy. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I thought about doing the challenge as well. But orange monochromatic? That in itself could be quite challenging. Still thinking...

  2. Hey Jolene....that quilt looks awfully nice up on your wall.

    I wanted to suggest Kona stone to you. I have ordered Essex linen and it is the exact same shade as the stone just a different texture of course and easier to deal with. Honestly sometimes I have to really look for the texture on the linen to be able to tell the difference in them side by side. So maybe that might work for your Hope Valley Quilt. :)

  3. Lots of pretty eye candy in this post! I love the blue and yellow fabrics, and that stack of green? I'm green with envy!!

  4. Lovely fabrics in this post Joelene! The Hope Valley Quilt looks great!

  5. The large cottagey prints look really pretty. Definitely keep working on that one! Green is my favorite color too. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the challenge.

  6. I'm bummed about Project Modern too! I'm sure the laws in Canada are for random draws or lotteries, not contests involving skill and judging ...

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog...I love all the pictures and color! Cant wait to see what you do with the greens!