Loads of Blogs

If you read quilting blogs, you've probably stumbled across this Liebster Award, which is basically a really nice way of finding some of the smaller blogs out there.  The rules are that you reveal who nominated you, then choose three more smallish (under 300 followers) blogs that you like.  Thanks to those who nominated me, and because this took me awhile to get this written, I have a few links here.  Thanks to Bry, GreyCatQuilts, Cindy, FabricAddict(so sorry, I lost the link to your blog and cant seem to find you.  If this is you, please raise your hand and I"ll add the link), and ButterflyQuilting for nominating me.  It always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling!

Here's a few more blogs that I think are great.  Since I can't always tell how many followers someone has, I'm not strictly abiding by the 300 followers rule.  I'm simply choosing a few that I love, and that I don't see mentioned as often as I think they should be!  And I think I'm going to update my favorite blog list and add these right away!

Greenleaf Goods - Ok, I know this is on my favorite quilt blogs list already, but I wanted to make sure you go check her out.  She has made many beautiful quilts in a relatively short time, and her photography makes them all look extra yummy too.

Stolen Moments - Love all her projects, and she's a profesional photographer as well, so of course her photos are stunning.  (And I realized later that she also nominated me for this award.  Thanks!)

The Joy Cottage - Loads of yummy stuff and stacks of fabric that make you drool.

It's so hard to choose, and I know that later I'll think of all those others that I wanted to nominate as well, but we'll stop with these.


  1. Oh my goodness, you just made my day! Thank you!

  2. So beautiful! I love star quilts and I love the more smallish blogs. Thanks for the links!

  3. I guess I'll add a few more blogs to my reader...even though it's already exploding! Thanks for the links!

  4. Hi Jolene! I am so honored to be included in your list of blogs to check out, and I really appreciate all of your kind words. You totally made my day! I also have been following your blog for a while, and love to see what you're working on. I think your quilts are gorgeous!

  5. Love the new quilt. Great colors.

  6. Great post... thx ... always enjoy learning from talented quilting blogs.
    And I love this star quilt you made/pictured here... does it have a specific pattern/title? Would love to make one.
    Thx & keep up all the good stuff!