It has been a rather long time...

In my part of the world, which would be central Alberta, Canada, July is THE month of the year.   For beautiful weather, that is.  And for birthday parties, and camping trips and Bible camps and splashing in the pool.  But one thing it is NOT the month for is sewing, or quilting, or blogging.

But I did want to pop in and show you the one quilt I've made this month.  OK, I guess it was made in June...

This one was made for someone very special to me.  (I don't know if she ever reads this here blog so I won't say anything too gushy or personal and embarrass her!)  She graduated this year and per my usual way of doing things, I only decided a week ahead that yes, I was going to make her a quilt.

I had a few special pieces of fabric that I wanted to incorporate, and I wasn't sure how to put them all together in a cohesive way.  I decided to use an aqua solid as the background and make wonky stars featuring some of these special prints.

This backing did NOT photograph well!  In real life it's really a lovely earthy-looking fabric.  She loves the outdoors and horses, so it was just perfect for this quilt.

And on another note, here are a few great links to help you waste a bit more time at your computer!!

Ok, I would really like EVERYONE to read this one.  Beautifully written, and I was going Yes! Yes! Yes!  when I read it.

Here's a fun project that I'll be doing with my Bible School class.

And a couple great quilting blogs that I've just stumbled on lately:  Daintytime and NanaCompany

See you in August!


  1. that horse is killing me. i love it.

  2. Just beautiful Jolene, She will love it!


  3. Have a great July!

    Thanks for the links.

  4. I know what you mean about July! It sometimes feels like us Albertans try to cram a years' worth of good things into 1 month. I'd like to know how the Bible school project turns out... I need something for my oldest class project.

  5. Your friend is blessed! It is a great quilt.

    Have an excellent summer and enjoy the warmth and beauty.

  6. what a fun way to feature fabric inside of those stars!!

  7. Oh my goodness, what is that brown??? Do you know if they have it in grey? That is EXACTLY what I need for my husband's quilt!

  8. i love the quilting on that quilt. so simple and beautiful! i found nanacompany a while ago and LOVE her creations! she is amazingly talented and i love her eye for fabric. simple sweet.

  9. WOW!! Your work is simply AMAZING!! I found you on Pinterest, someone pinned the quilt in your Setting the Record post. I have a blog too: Would LOVE to see you there!

  10. Do you happen to remember which shade of aqua you used for the solid??

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