Grownup Colours

For every ten projects I make, there seems to be about one that I really lOvE.  I like most everything I make (if I didn't, that would be a sign that I needed to quit!), but only sometimes does everything come together exactly as I imagined, or maybe even better than I dreamed.

Of course, this is all a matter of personal opinion and tastes, but the colors, shapes, and textures on this one come together just right.

My inspiration began with that black Greenfield Hill floral print.  This print is stunning!  It's the perfect blend of traditional and modern.  Vibrant, yet elegant.  Hmmm... not sure if that sounds like a typical description of my tastes, but it's kind of refreshing to love something unusual for myself!

This one met the criteria for a hand-sewn binding.  I do this only on smaller pieces, when I want the binding to be extra skinny and flat.  And something this size I actually have the patience for!  Binding fabric - Sunkissed by Sweetwater Gray Pinstripe.  (best gray ever!)  Backing is Essex Linen Cotton Blend in Putty.

I'm practicing with my new 50mm lens, so please forgive all the extra blurriness!  I've been wanting this for so long, I'm going a bit crazy with it!

bits from the sewing room

a table runner that I'm in love with...
I'll show you more once my table clears off and the sun shines in!

Trying to decide if I like this one enough to continue, or if I should pack it up so I can rescue it six months from now...

Quilting and Sewing Labels

 I've received quite a few questions about the quilt labels I use, and where to get them.  Here's a bit of an overview of the ones I've used and where you can find them.  The three different kinds I show here are only a small sampling of the options available to you, so please don't imagine me to be an expert on this topic!

These are the first ones I used, and was using until recently when I ran out and decided to try something different.  I found these by searching for 'sew in labels' on Etsy.  (I'd suggest you do the same!  There are many sellers, and I'm sure that most, if not all, have a great product.)

The ones I'm showing here were purchased from MommieMadeIt on Etsy.  (click on the name for the link)

They are printed on a slightly stiff woven fabric.  You can choose your font, color, size, etc.   The photo above shows the sew on ones that I ordered rather than the sew in.  The sew in ones have the name printed twice with a mirror image so that you fold them in half and sew in your seam.

Here's one sewn into a quilt.  I noticed absolutely no fading with these labels, which was the biggest reason I was happy with them.  The one down side was the fact that they tended to curl up a bit.  Nothing that an iron can't fix, but I avoid all ironing if possible!

Here's the one that I put on my cell phone cover.  They are quite tiny, so they're perfect for small projects like this.  As you can see, the edges are fraying a bit, but this cover has seen a LOT of use ( and needs a washing too)

When those labels ran out, I decided I wanted to try the twill look.  I ordered these from the same seller, because I was happy with her customer service, prices, and she has a good selection.

You can see that the print faded a little bit on the twill labels, but it gives it a natural hand made look that doesn't really bother me.  The biggest problem for me was a designing mistake on my part.  Because I have a long name, it ended up really tiny, and the beginning and end get lost in the seam allowance.  Just something to remember when you order, remember to leave enough room on the edges where you're planning to sew it in.

Also, because these labels are longer and larger, they tended to curl over the edge after washing.  Again, I could iron them:)

Really, the biggest reason I didn't continue with these was that I didn't like the way the name was so long and skinny in the middle of the label.  Again, this was completely my fault, as I was given a proof, showing me how it would look.  I may try these again, and put the name on two lines, or use a tall skinny font.

OK, on to the next kind that I just purchased.

I decided to try another shop, just to be adventurous!  This time I tried Gutentags, also on Etsy.  There were so many great options for labels, but I decided to try this shop.  She sounded friendly and her product looked nice.  Also, I wanted to try the ribbon look as another option.

One really nice thing about these is the fact that they're printed on really wide ribbon.  If you look at the photo above, you'll see that I cut and separate the tags horizontally (that tiny black dot on the top of the label is the mark where I'm to cut.  So that makes the fraying edges the ones that are sewn into your quilt, and the sides that are out are the sides of the ribbon, so there will be no fraying.

After one washing there is a tiny bit of fading in the print.  Other than that, I'm very happy with the looks of these labels.  They look shiny and crisp after washing, with no folding.

Overall, I think any of these labels would be a great option, depending on the look you want.  I think that I still like the natural look of twill, but for now I'm excited about my new ribbon labels and will be using them up happily.

I just really like the idea of supporting other crafters on Etsy and the fact that these are next best to making the labels myself.

Feel free to ask me more questions!


Peach is one color that I've never liked.  And I thought I never would.  Well, I still don't love it.  But I DO love the colors in this quilt!

It started out as this block.  I had the background fabric (Essex Linen in Natural), the backing (Weekends by Erin McMorris), and the binding (Kona Mango), all stacked together for months.

A Rescued Quilt (sort of)

This one was sitting at six completed blocks, and three more with only the outer piece to sew on.  It was scrunched at the bottom of a random plastic tub for at least six months.  I knew it was there, but I didn't think it would ever see the light of day.

Once in a while, there's just one of those projects that part way through, I just go "what was I thinking?"  This was one of those.  I just decided it wasn't worth spending my time finishing, and stuffed it in the cupboard.  Lots of times I do this, but I know that at some time I'll pull it out and make it work.  This one I didn't have that feeling.  It just didn't have any potential.

But since I'm on a mission to finish all these half done quilts, I decided to pull out the blocks and put them up on the design wall.  I didn't want to spend a bunch of time on it, cause there are too many other exciting ideas in my head, but I really wanted to make this one work  Then I decided that what this thing needed was a bit more red.   So what could be easier than a red binding?

There really are too many cute fabrics in here.  It would have been a shame to leave it sitting in the cupboard.

And then  I had to add some more of my favorite print for the back!  It feels so good to have it finished up!  I can't say that it's one of my brightest moments, but hey!  it's still cute, and some baby will love it.

P.S.  Notice that tag in the last picture?  I just got some new ones and I'm super excited about them so far.  Once I've used them a bit more, I'll tell you more about them.  (Just gotta make sure that they're as great as they seem to be so far!)

monday morning

A fun bunch of fabrics from FabricShack...

August blocks for do.Good Stitches.  Such fun blocks!

The Quilt That Twinkled

Finish #2!  Let's see... how did this one begin?  Back when Jay McCarroll's Habitat fabric line came out, I fell hard for the Painter's Canvas print (you can get it here, and it's on sale!) I actually think the whole line is unusual and fun, but I restrained myself to two prints, this Painter's Canvas, and this one.

It sat perilously stacked on my table for a month or two, making me drool every time I looked at it.  Then I changed up my process of planning a quilt just a bit.  I decided it was time to make something with this fabric, but I had no idea what the 'perfect' pattern would be.  So I went searching for inspiration on Flickr and Pinterest.  I came across this one that I had included in my favorites a while back, and made an instant decision!

I didn't realize till later that Crazy Mom Quilts was doing a 36 patch quiltalong on her blog, which is really the same thing as this one, only mine is a 16 patch.  I had thought of doing a little free tutorial, (since I've been wanting to do one of those for awhile but honestly can't seem to find anything that's not out there already!) Amanda Jean's tutorial does a great job of explaining this technique though, and I made mine very much the same way she did.

The only difference for my 16 patch blocks would be in the cutting.  I cut a 2.5"x width of fabric strip from each piece that I wanted in the quilt.  I then made a cut right on the fold.  Now I had two strips, each measuring 2.5" x half the width of fabric (this will be between 20"-22")

If you sew two strips like this together (shown in her tutorial) you get enough to make one 16 patch block.  As you can see, this pattern would work great for fat quarters, because you can cut 2.5" strips off the side of your fat quarter (since a fat quarter is 18"x22", make sure you cut it the long way, because 18" won't be long enough for my block)

Anyways, I had a lot of fun pulling out fabrics for this one.  I just took colors from this happy, splashy inspiration fabric.  I used it all up on the back, and bound it with a bright green.

And I really do think it kind of twinkles...