saturday afternoon

my husband is climbing mountains...

i've been making applesauce and freezing corn from the garden...

because of the above activities my house was in bad need of cleaning...

old friends coming for night tonight...

which all added up to what I thought would be a FULL day of picking up toys, vacuuming, picking up toys, scrubbing toilets, picking up toys, dusting, picking up toys, folding laundry...

get the picture?!

But I didn't count on a few good things which are:

my two little ones are suddenly beginning to grow up a bit and actually play together...

and their little helping hands are starting to be an actual help...

So that's why you see that quilt block sitting there.  Cause after my sewing room was all cleaned up and vacuumed, I wanted to sew something quick before it was covered in toys and lint again.

and I chose something with set-in seams, just because I was feeling adventurous.  and I'm figuring those pesky things out!  You just might see a whole quilt like that yet!


  1. That is a beautiful picture! The block is too, of course, but I'm particularly loving the photography.
    P.S. ...because I'm finishing up my first assignment for Oh Shoot on-line photography class so I have photography on the brain.

  2. I agree with Live a Colorful Life!! (I love her name! *wink* p.s., I didn't know about her when I came up with 'my' name) The photography is fabulous. But the colors and the fabric choices are terrific!! Is that a kaleidoscope?? I love the 'point ends'! :) Hugs!

  3. I LOVE that block! Beautiful!

  4. Any excuse is a good one, right? LOL (nice block)

  5. Nice post, Jolene. Your blog looks very spiffy too. All shiny and clean. Looking forward to more of this block!

  6. i want to make a block like that!!