Sail Away

One of those quilts that I felt so-so about.  But it does feel good to finish it up, since it was sitting on the pile for a long time!

I really do love this pattern, or style, whatever.  I've made it before, both here and here.  I really think it's a nice way to use a charm pack that doesn't look so much like a charm pack quilt.  I think it has a nice vintagey look to it.

I think the reason I'm feeling slightly blah about this one is that I ran out of the cream colored solid.  (Robert Kaufman muslin)  So, rather than order more and wait two more weeks, I just eeked it out with what I had. I think this design looks best with more white space between the boats, and also a much wider white border.  That way the boats look like they're floating peacefully and not crammed in.

It was made with a Hometown by Sweetwater charm pack, muslin for the background, Moda Bella Stone for the backing with the leftover charms running along the side of the back to make it wide enough.

This binding fabric is one that I love, love LOVE.  I had to go restock from Hawthorne Threads cause I was so scared of running out.  It's kind of a hand drawn grayish black stripe on cream and it makes a stunning binding.  There's a couple yards left here!

Scrap Time!

My scrap pile has been waaaay out of control for a long time.  So last week I decided to do some thorough cleaning out.  I cut out a BUNCH of 2.5" squares to make some type of scrappy quilt, and anything smaller than that is going in the trash.

Yes, I did have LOTS of pieces that were too small to cut a 2.5" square from...!  I have this problem that I think I'll make quilts with those itty bitty pieces, but in reality they all just make my bins so full that I can't find anything without half the contents spilling!

So here they are now, all nice and cleaned up and only 2/3rds full.  I've been coveting those vintage wire bins that some folks store their craft supplies in, but I knew I'd be searching for years and paying big bucks to find them, so I settled for some nice shiny ones from SuperStore.  These scraps were in plastic tubs before, which were all fine and practical, but this is so much more fun.

and the kids have been playing fabric store with all my tiny reject scrap pieces!  (please don't be jealous of my rusty orange '70's carpet)

another rainbow!

This quilt was made with someone special in mind, and it's already off to it's new home, but I just really wanted to show it to you.

The design was inspired by the Scrap Republic book again.  (You can find out my thoughts on this book by clicking on the link.)

Very fun and rewarding to put together, and I did this cursive L quilting again which worked out so well on this pattern since I could just follow each strip of fabric.

I used some cuddly flannel on the back and some pieced names which you can see a bit of here.  Flannel is Riley Blake "Feeling Groovy" from Flannel Queen.  I just love this particular print, and I also love this store because she has the best shipping rates for flannel!

And some pink polka dot binding to finish it off...!

A Super Juicy Secret About Me!

Ever wondered why I named my blog what I did?  You can find out the super juicy details over here 

She's doing a very unique and fun series on this topic.  I've found it rather interesting to read 
other's thoughts on their process for naming a blog and if they still like the name they chose.  


          yes, i'm workin' on stuff

          halfway done this one

          two more twin size 

         although one I can't show you 

         and three baby quilts 

         one other toddler size one 

         those are all tops that need to be quilted  
         i always get stalled on quilting 

         it takes soooo long  

        and it's hard work too  

(ya, I know, major lack of content here.  i just thought that rainbow quilt looked so happy 
all squashed up in my sewing machine)

and just to make up for my boring post, here's a few links to stuff that's interesting
me right now.

 * i've always thought the mass-marketing-giveaway-blog-book-tours was 
just a bit fake and here's a great idea to help fix it.

*i need more of this in my quilting (i'm saving all my husband's old cotton shirts
and ripping them into strips.  it's a start, right?)

*i think maybe my favorite house ever. so happy and bright, yet real.

Fact #17

my house is sorta cleaned up and the laundry caught up, OR i make quilts.

not both.

last week my house was cleaned up.

this week i'm gonna quilt (i hope!)