yes, i'm workin' on stuff

          halfway done this one

          two more twin size 

         although one I can't show you 

         and three baby quilts 

         one other toddler size one 

         those are all tops that need to be quilted  
         i always get stalled on quilting 

         it takes soooo long  

        and it's hard work too  

(ya, I know, major lack of content here.  i just thought that rainbow quilt looked so happy 
all squashed up in my sewing machine)

and just to make up for my boring post, here's a few links to stuff that's interesting
me right now.

 * i've always thought the mass-marketing-giveaway-blog-book-tours was 
just a bit fake and here's a great idea to help fix it.

*i need more of this in my quilting (i'm saving all my husband's old cotton shirts
and ripping them into strips.  it's a start, right?)

*i think maybe my favorite house ever. so happy and bright, yet real.


  1. love the colors on the quilt! Can't wait to see the others. And I thought I had a lot of WIPs!

  2. The rainbow quilt DOES look happy all squished up in your sewing machine! It sounds like you have quite a list of things to accomplish.

    Enjoyed the article about the mass marketing blog book tours. Very interesting. I can see how that would be very effective.

  3. I get so bored with other peoples WIPs and other posts with nothing to show or say. I really enjoyed your three referrals to very interesting and inspiring visuals and thoughts I would not have seen otherwise. Thank you.

  4. Oh I can't wait to see that quilt done! it looks so bright and cheery! your list of WIPs sounds a bit like mine!

  5. It does indeed look happy, I love that toadstool print!

  6. I am sooo looking forward to seeing some of those quits when they are done. Also, I bookmarked one of the blogs you mentioned. Eye candy.

  7. i loved this post jolene. i agree with your link to the mass marketing blog book tours. i honestly get tired of giveaways on blogs sometimes that i can't be bothered with them. i love blogging because i have made some great friends and enjoy sharing what i create and i love seeing what others create. i hope this doesn't sound snarky... i love your blog, i love seeing what you create! and i can see why you love that house. so bright and cheery just like everything you make!