Laurie Wisbrun sent me some of her upcoming fabric line called Brrr... (it will be available in a couple of months) These are such fun fabrics, with a mix of polar bears and snowflakes and Scandinavian inspired flowers.  Somehow these prints were just begging to be paired with black and white, so I added some black, white and grey prints, as well as a few solids.

The design was originally inspired by this tea towel.  Although in the end it's really kind of different from the original design.  I'd like to try this idea again.  One thing I'd do differently next time is have the bottom row of triangles sitting right along the bottom.

I do like having some white triangles sprinkled in there though, which gives it a bit more of a random look, and the rows not all lining up... yup, i'll be visiting this one again!

Those big circles are perfect for the back of a quilt.  So bold and fun!  And I'll say it again, I think these prints work very well with black and white.

I do have a fat quarter bundle of this fabric to give away here one of these days, just want to show you a little something with the other colors yet first.

My Swoon Story

FYI - {Swoon} refers to a quilt pattern designed by Camille of Thimbleblossoms.  It's a stunning quilt with nine super huge blocks.  The quilt ends up being about a queen size, so you can imagine how big each block is!

So here's the wildly interesting tale of my journey in making this quilt pattern!

I remember when Camille first showed off this new pattern of hers last year.  I've been a huge fan of her patterns for a long time, so when I saw this one I thought it was nice but not on my 'must-make' list.

Fast forward about a year, and I came upon this wonderful quilt!  And instantly I knew I'd be making a quilt in this pattern.

About this time, Kati started a quiltalong for people making this quilt, so in my newly 'swoon-struck' phaze, I joined in.

Not one to wait around when some new inspiration strikes, I pulled my stack of fabrics together and started sewing.  The background fabric I chose was just a random solid I had in my stash.  I only had about a yard of it, but I really loved the natural creamy bone color of it.

Think ahead much, Mrs. BlueElephant?

Apparently not.  Since this pattern clearly calls for something like 4 or 5 yards of background fabric, I was just excited to start!  I made two blocks and loved them!  Actually really enjoyed the whole process cause I was just racing through all those pieces to see what it would look like when it was all put together.

But ya, for some crazy reason I ran out of background fabric after two blocks.  Whaaaat??!  So no biggie, right?  I was pretty sure it was Kona Bone that I was using.  I compared it to my color chart and it seemed about right, although i did have a tiny niggling doubt.

So I ordered 5 yards (from MadAboutPatchwork which is a great Canadian shop for solids and basics) and when it arrived it was SO not the right color.  Just different enough to be terribly wrong.  Well, that was ok since I never have too much of these neutral colors.

I did some sleuthing around and looking at other folks comparison photos, and finally decided it must be Bella Natural.  So I order 5 yards of that from a different store.  And waited two more weeks.  And... you guessed it!  NOT the right color again!  Closer, but still just off enough that I'm afraid it will look terrible.

So, I may have to use these two blocks for something else and start all over.  But whatever the case, I've learned another valuable life lesson!  Never assume that one yard will magically become five yards or that you'll have no problem finding a perfect match for some random fabric in your stash!

And once I get a few more of these blocks made, I want to write a post talking about why and how I think this block and quilt work so well, and the role colors and values play in the blocks.  (just my opinions of course)

I'm Into Triangles Too!!

#1)   Thank you for all the nice comments on my Granny Squares Quilt.  It's just so funny how some quilts turn out awesome, and some are just nice but not great, and some are big flops (I'm talking about my own quilts here!)  BUT, when you start them, they all seem destined to greatness.  I mean, why would you start a new project if you didn't think it was gonna be the best yet?!  But somewhere along the way, most of them just kinda lose it, ya know?:)  That Granny Squares quilt though?  I have to thank Rachel for asking me to make a quilt or I'm sure those first two blocks would have ended up on "The Pile".  So ya, I didn't think that quilt would be anything special, but by the time I was done it, I knew that it was one of those that just magically worked out!

So, all that to say,  thank you!  I've had my day made awesome many times over by your enthusiasm with it, and I hope to see more versions of this quilt in your own way!

#2) This won't be as long-winded as #1...  I've been without my computer for a few days, so if you haven't heard back from me for any reason, that's why.

#3)  And now, for sewing room progress reports!  I've got so much to say and show you, but I have a bit of a backlog here... anyways, above photo is just a snippet of a project that I basted today.  I'll be showing you more soon.  (it's mostly made with Brrr... by Laurie Wisbrun which will be out in a few months!)