on how to make the chevron quilt and fabric destash

 So I kinda thought I was done popping in here, but since I've had a lot of people wondering about this chevron quilt, I thought I might be best off to write a short post about it here.

So, folks have been wondering how I made it, and if there's a tutorial.  Well, I don't know if there's a tutorial for the way I made this one, and in fact, I don't recommend my method, since it involves sewing together long strips on the bias.  Which can be a recipe for a ripply stretched out disaster:)

Edited to Add:  I was reminded of my original inspiration for this method, which was this stunning quilt.  If you read the comments, it will give you a few hints on how to use this method.  And while you're at it, you could encourage Elizabeth to write a pattern:)  I think it would sell like hot cakes!

The reason I used this method is that I liked the positioning of the seams, which is a pretty miniscule and crazy reason, and once the quilt was finished, I figured that it wouldn't have made much difference anyway.  But, if you really want to know how I did it, just google 'making chevron fabric' or something like that, and you should come up with some info.

There are two other methods for making this look though, and I definitely recommend them.  The first one would be using half square triangles, and you can find a tutorial here.  Only thing I'd change is cutting those squares bigger, like maybe 6" square, to get a look similar to my quilt.

The other method is even simpler, and you'll find it over here.  Again, I'd cut my strips wider, around 6", to get the chunkier look of my quilt.

and on a different note, I'm trying something different and destashing some fabrics in my Etsy shop.  I'll be adding a few more bundles over the next few days, so if you're looking to pad your stash a bit, these are some good deals.  and add in the 15% off coupon that I'm offering to my dear blog readers, (just type in BLUE15 in the provided spot at checkout)

and if I'm not careful I'm gonna buy this fabric back from myself:)

Remix {Girl}

I've got this one last quilt to show you here.  Made mainly with Ann Kelle fabrics, plus a few solids and other basics added in.  When I looked at this yummy stack that Kelle sent me,  I had quite a few ideas for this quilt.  Basically, I just love these fabrics!

That top pink floral is one that I've loved for ages, and I think it would look SO sweet as a dress for my daughter!

So one day I thought of my other basket quilt (which is still one of my favorites) and decided that I actually still didn't have those baskets out of my system, even though I made a larger one here too!

So with no further delay, that's what I made!   These baskets are a lot of fun to make.  I'd love to give you a tutorial on them, but since I directly followed the instructions from Gwen Marston's Liberated Quiltmaking II, I think I'll rather nudge you to buy the book instead!  And yes, I think every quilter should have that book anyway, it's my all time fave.

I based my fabric selection loosely on color values (light to dark) so that the baskets and their handles would stand out on the background.  For the basket backgrounds I used mainly light fabrics, for the baskets and handles, and also the outside border, I used the medium to dark fabrics.

Sometimes with more busily printed fabrics, it's hard to know where they should be at, but with this type of pattern, you don't need to be too fussy, since it all adds interest in the final quilt.

Although one way to figure out your fabric values is to take a black and white photo of your fabrics together.  You'll be amazed how easy it is to see which fabrics should go where!

I decided to use up the last of my fat quarters and make a scrappy binding again.  And can I just mention that stripe?  Yes, it does make a splendid binding!


Lucky me!  I got to work with some Remix fabric from Ann Kelle.  I adore these fabrics, since they're just the perfect modern kids fabric!  They're so bright and fun, yet not just for the kids either.

I added a few solids and a couple other prints to the boyish bundle she sent me, and used some simple patchwork squares again.  I decided to try tying again, instead of quilting.  This technique, together with the flannel on the back, add up to one of the softest quilts ever!

And I'm really liking the look of it too!  I used up the last of the Remix fat quarters to make a scrappy binding.  I think my favorite print is those green and blue dots in rows.  Such a cool look for a binding!

Ann Kelle fabrics are manufactured by Robert Kaufman, so just search for "remix", or "Ann Kelle" and you should find them!  I know that Hawthorne Threads and FatQuarterShop both have these prints in stock.

I also received a bundle of similar prints in girl colors, which is already a quilt, and I'll be showing you soon!

Cosmic Burst!

Sooo... another little project with a new line of fabric that will be out soon!  That would be Cosmic Burst by Mark Cesarik.  He sent me a charm pack of this new line of fabrics, and I chose my favorites to make this wonky star.  I'm really liking the jewel tones and paired with black, I think they're so stunning!

Suddenly I'm seeing a whole quilt made with these!  Or maybe Katy's Constellation quilt?  Now that would amazing!

Brrr! Winners!

mr. random number generator has spoken, and here are the winners!!

#45 - Mary
#240 - Angie
#35 - Johanna

and if you're wondering why there are three winners!  well, I had only one FQ bundle, but so many of you are loving this fabric, I decided to use most of my leftover fabrics to make two more bundles, one with the turquoise/red colorway, and one with the green/red colorway.

Now these are no wimpy bundles!  Some of these pieces are pretty biggish, like bigger than fat quarters, while some are just nice sized scraps!

So the first winner gets to pick her preference of these three fabric bunches, and so on!

and I'll soon be back with a few more yummy fabrics to entice you with!

it'll soon be Christmas! haha

Item #1  You guys are all SO sweet.  Every comment that came in from my last post made me just want to hug each and every one of you, (and I am not a huggy person, just ask my mom)  Thanks for being so kind and understanding!

Item #2  The 'obligations' I mentioned that I would be finishing up here just so happen to involve a fair bit of yummy fabric that I will do my best to entice you with over the next week or two!

So, if you remember, awhile back I showed you a quilt I'd made from Laurie Wisbrun's Brrr! fabric line.  There are two color groups, the turquoise and red, and the green and red.  So here's my take on the green and red!

A little confession here: I'm not really a fan of seasonal decor, which includes Christmas!  So these Christmasey colors just weren't inspiring me in a quilty way (although I have a feeling they'd make a great quilt if you just happen to be a little more normal than me!)

But that doesn't mean that I don't want to give my Christmas gifts to friends and family in some uber-awesome handmade gift bags that can be reused for any purpose, and are actually a gift in themselves!

I used Jeni's tutorial for these bags, and then just changed the sizes for a few of them.

So that's my take on the perfect way to use this fabric!  Which will be out in June by-the-way.  Which will be just in time for you to sew up in lots of time for Christmas by-the-way!  Have I convinced you?!  I hope so!!

Ohhhhh!!!  I almost forgot!!!!  I have a fat quarter bundle of this ENTIRE set to give to send to one of you.  I messed up and forgot to get a photo of it, but believe me, it's a pretty sweet little bundle.  Just leave me a comment on this post, and you'll be entered to win!

I'll draw a name on Monday morning!

a goodbye {of sorts}

I have been writing this blog post in my head for quite a while...

and if this computer screen was a piece of paper, these words would be smudged with a few tears...

but if life is a journey, and if i stay on the path that I'm meant to follow, then I find myself at a slight bend in the road.   a bend that seems to be leading me away from this blog. i guess to say it more clearly, i'm taking an extended blog/social media break

but maybe that road will curve again some day and i'll find myself back here again...

who knows?!  if i've learned one thing it's to never say never.

and if this seems a bit cryptic and mysterious, i'm sorry!  it's just too hard to explain, but no need to worry about me, everything's good, and i'll maybe explain a bit more yet since i'll be stopping in here for a month or so till all my current obligations are finished up.

and i want to give tribute to all you wonderful, splendifourous bloggy quilting folks out there.  i just never could have guessed at the generosity and inspiration that i would find...

but more on that later!