Love in the Middle

this is one of those quilts that's been sitting on the almost finished pile for at least six months.  it's made using a pattern by Tula Pink.  and this one makes me think of a very interesting topic which i've been reading on a couple blogs lately.  you can check out the conversation at StitchedInColor, and also over at Maureen Cracknell Handmade.  

ok, are you back?  i think you'll agree that it's a thought provoking topic.  it's one that goes round and round in my head somedays.  and i really don't know if this question has a right answer.  Overall, it needs to be about fairness, kindness, love and all those good things.  But when it comes to the logistics, there's not a chance we'll all completely agree.

So this quilt is just a small example of my viewpoint.

i remember waaay back when i first saw this quilt pattern.  i believe it will have been in photos of Tula Pink's booth at quilt market where she will have had a sample made up to sell this pattern.

of course i thought it was great, and obviously a lot of other did as well.  it definitely was not the first time i had seen letters free pieced in a quilt, but it was a unique configuration which i had never seen before.

so, as time goes by i see quite a few quilts made with this layout, and i love them all.  so the time comes when i'd like to make one myself.  now, it would be quite possible for me to make this quilt without a pattern.  i have Tonya's book after all, which shows you how to make every letter of the alphabet in many fun ways.

somehow though, i knew that i would not feel good about making this one without a pattern.  this was just my own personal feeling, but i knew that i would likely never have thought up this configuration.  so i bought the pattern because that's just the way it felt for me.  like i was directly inspired by Tula's idea, and because of that, i wanted to support her.

now that does not mean that every time i make a quilt, i go searching for a similar pattern that i can spend another $10 on.  it just means that i knew very well within my little heart of hearts that i was 100% inspired by that quilt.  and in all honesty, i wasn't anywhere near coming up with that idea on my own.

so that was a lot of unneccesary info, but just a little practical take on how i see the whole issue of selling quilt patterns.

yup! quilting still does it for me

slowly over time i forget the root of why i love to quilt.  i'm not sure why this happens, maybe it's seeing so many lovely and amazing quilts on blogs and flickr.  maybe it's thinking i had a 'slightly' original idea, and then seeing that others had a similar idea, maybe it's being tricked into thinking i need to join the chaotic ferris wheel of always creating new and interesting quilt designs.  i always say that the pressure can only affect you if you let it.  and i still wholeheartedly embrace that one.  sometimes though, the pressure is getting to you and you don't realize it!

so what does that have to do with these photos?  well, this little quilt was me going waaaay back to my happy place.  falling in love with quilting again.  just pulling out the scrap bin and putting together fabrics that sing to me, with no thought of whether this has been done before, (because it obviously has, a gazillion times!) but just sewing seams and feeling the thrill of each block coming together.  a simple scrappy log cabin, there's just something so satisfying about putting these blocks together.

so i need to get back to more of that.  stop thinking about what sells well.  stop thinking about what the current color trends are, stop trying to come up with the original idea, and just make what i love.

i mean, really, if i wanted to make something that would be guaranteed to sell, i should be churning out the chevron quilt in grey and white because I could have sold this quilt at least 20 times over.  it's basically a guarantee right now, make a chevron quilt and put it in your Etsy store, and it will sell.

problem is that i don't sew very well on autopilot, so i'll have to pass up the chance to start a zigzag quilt factory!  buy hey!  if there's any one of you out there who would like to go into this business, just let me know and i'll pass inquiries on to you.  seriously!!

also, (if yer still reading!)  i'm feeling the enthusiasm for blogging again, and have a few ideas i'd like to yammer on about.  maybe some fabrics i think you all should own, or a few tips for photographing quilts, that kinda stuff.  hope you're interested!

swoon continued

 so ya, i'm still plugging away at my swoon quilt.  only two blocks out of the nine left.  amazing thing here is that after how many months, i'm still really excited about this one!  and it's going on our bed.

kinda crazy when a quilter has a Sears quilt on their own bed for nine years. so that's gonna change now!

i laid the seven completed blocks out on my bed just to see how it looked.  just trying to decide if this 9 block layout will be big enough, or if I should add another whole row.  i like a bed quilt to hang down and properly cover the mattress, but somehow i really like the 3x3 layout, i think it just looks 'right', and I'm afraid to add another row.  Maybe i should just make a wider plain border around the edge?

anyways, i'm very excited about this one, and i'm gonna hand quilt it too!  (i think:))