Value Added BEGINS!!

so here's the thing.  we thought it would be fun to talk about using value in quilts. and then we thought it would be fun to actually make some quilts using values.  so the four hosts; Amy of Badskirt, Rachel of Stitched in Color, Leila of Where the Orchids Grow, and myself each designed and made a quilt, using value consciously.

We also each chose an aspect of Value that appealed to us, and wrote (or are writing, ahem) a post on this topic.

Here's the schedule for our lessons:

Tuesday, 23rd: Understanding Value at Where the Orchids Grow
Wednesday, 24th: Leading the Eye at Badskirt
Thursday, 25th: Value Patterns at Stitched in Color
Friday, 26th: Value Dynamics by Blue Elephant Stitches

Then, the following week, we will each post tutorials for our respective quilts.  

You can make a quilt using one of our patterns, or make something completely different.  This is just a place to experiment and become more confident with value in our quilt patterns!

We have a Flickr group set up, so please join the group!  We plan to spend lots of time over there chatting up a storm about value in quilts, uploading tons of in-progress photos, and seeing examples of your projects where you've used value to highlight a design.

On November 30th, there will be a link party, where you can show off what you've made, inspired by this series!

P.S. please go check out the intro posts from my other three partners in crime, you may find some info I missed!


  1. LOVE.
    Chain quilts are some of my favorites -- stunning design! :)

  2. what a fantastic idea, I LOVE!!!! the quilt you came up with, totally amazing!

  3. this is an amazing quilt! i love it and want to make one! xo

  4. I have a nebulous understanding of value so im very excited about this topic. You four are all so talented and demonstrated value so differently. This looks like a promising series.

  5. Just in time for me...I just had a "value" disaster!

  6. Wow, so fun to see yours finished. The border is amazing with those colors! Did you choose the border first? I'm in awe.

  7. I CANNOT WAIT to see your pattern. Please post ASAP - I have the perfect border fabric that I will probably have to order more of.

  8. wow jolene, it's totally incredible!