Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe

Mixed emotions - that's definitely the way I feel about this quilt and the whole experience surrounding it.  

Here's a short summary of how it happened.

Spring of 2011 I was asked by Martingale Publishers to contribute to a book on modern quilting with quilts designed by a variety of bloggers.  

Here is the design I submitted.  My original idea was to make an improv 'tree' quilt.  The trees would be various bright colors, and the background would be scrappy fabrics with light values.

And here are the fabric swatches I submitted as my color ideas.

This design was accepted so I spent a few weeks making the quilt.

My camera states that I took the photo on June 12, 2011.  I'm assuming that's the right date!  I drew up instructions and sent the quilt off.  If you compare my original drawing with this quilt, you will see that I abandoned the tree trunks, deciding to keep it as a more abstract idea of trees.  I think I just liked the look of it better, but it would still look cute with trunks added on.

Add a year and a half worth of time, and a few other thoughts and happenings which I won't go into:) and now it's part of a book that you can purchase!

In all honesty, I don't think I'll do this again.  I learned that contributing or authoring a book is not my happy place...   In the end though, I still like my quilt although I haven't seen it for a year and a half!  

I hope to soon be receiving a few copies of this book in the mail, and then maybe you'll hear some more of my thoughts on the book itself, as well as a chance for you to get one!  Although I have viewed a pdf version, it will be interesting to see it in real life...

Edited to add:  I want to always be honest yet positive at the same time, which can sometimes be a little tricky!!  I just want to make it clear that any negative feelings that I had about this project were not the fault of the publisher, and for sure not my fellow bloggers/contributors.  Rather, it's one those things that just was not a perfect fit for me.  Hope that makes sense...

Lucy's Crab Shack Quilt

A Fabric Shop Review

i had a few requests from my last post for identifying this stack of fabrics, so i thot i'd give you a quick list.  and then since most of them (well, half at least) are from my most recent order from one of my top five fave online quilt shops, i thot i'd do a little review right away.

i've always been meaning to talk about some of my fave shops.  i have no connection with any of them, other than that they take my money and i take their fabric, so these are really, truly my favorite shops.  also, i'm a Canadian, which makes the whole online shipping thing slightly different, since shipping and customs and all that jazz can be a bit expensive!  so for my fellow Canadians, my list of faves is tailored for us!

first i'll talk about this one shop a bit, and then at the end i'll give you the list of fabrics and where to find them.

so the shop i'm thinking of today is.......FabricShack!!  Now if I was to make a list with my top fave shop as #1, then FabricShack would likely be about #3 or so.

Here's what I love -

♥ huge huge selection.  like sooooo many collections.  they have lots of modern lines, (although not all) and then so very many more reproduction and vintage style collections, as well as lots of lesser known brands and designers that I would likely never come across.

♥ good shipping rates to Canada!  They fit 9 yards in a flat rate envelope (most shops will put anywhere from 7-10 yards in an envelope for about $12.95)  Basically, I only buy from shops that put 9-10 yards in.  It may be a mind block for me, but that extra yard or two just really wins me over!   Anyways, back to FabrickShack!  So they put 9 yards in a flat rate envelope, and they do it for $8.50!)

♥ in a lot of ways, their selection of fabric is similiar to FatQuarterShop, (in that they have SO many collections)  but the nice thing about FabricShack is that they don't sell out quite so soon.  Maybe they're not as well known, but at least it gives me a few days to decide if I want to buy!

♥  really good customer service.  they are friendly and accomodating, and they just got Paypal so I'm happy about that!

Here's the reasons why this shop is not #1 on my list.

- archaic website.  am I being a bit fussy?  ya probably, but if definitely does not have the ease of navigation or the beauty of some other online shops.

- a bit slow on the shipping.  sometimes it seems they don't get the order shipped out for a couple of days, although i'm usually waiting 2 weeks for any order from the U.S.,  so it's not a big deal.

- they don't always carry the more modern collections.  I can't think of an example right now...

Overall, shopping at FabricShack is a bit of a treasure hunt for me!  Sometimes I'll try looking at every fabric collection, even if the little icon, or the name under it, or the manufacturer just makes me think i won't like it.  I'll click on it anyways, and I've found so many great prints that I love, just nestled in among a collection that I would have never, ever seen in any of the 'modern' focused online shops.

I hope that info was at least slightly helpful, i'd love to hear your online shopping stories!

Now for the list of fabrics...

1. Punctuation by American Jane for Moda Fabrics - from my stash
2. Wee Woodlands by Keiki for Moda Fabrics - from my stash
3. Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit Fabrics - from my stash
4. ?? ??  by Paula Barnes for Marcus Fabrics - from my stash (i adore this print and am looking for more)
5. Simple Abundance by Bonnie and Camille for Moda Fabrics - from my stash
6. Tea Time by SPX fabrics - from my stash
7. Marmalade by Bonnie and Camille for Moda - just bought from Fabric Shack
8. Anna Bella by Marcus Brothers - just bought from Fabric Shack  (i'm crazy for this print, it reminds me a bit of Liberty prints)
9.Inkwell by Meg Hawkey for Lecien - just bought from Fabric Shack  (unfortunately, this print has since sold out here, but you can still get it in the red)
10.Anna Bella by Marcus Brothers - just bought from Fabric Shack
11.Odds and Ends by Cosmo Cricket for Moda Fabrics - just bought from Fabric Shack
12. The Sweetest Thing by Zoe Pearn for Riley Blake Fabrics - just bought from Fabrick Shack (yes, this pink shade is yum!)

any more questions or mistakes you see, feel free to let me know!  happy fabric shopping:)

quilt love {book love}

i'm in love with this book.  it's not really a new technique book for me, but more of pure inspiration.  Cassandra's overall philosophy of quilting just rings right with me.

i love her concept of using loved and precious fabrics to make meaningful quilts.  quilts with soul.  you can laugh, but i really think it's possible to make a quilt that truly is a Quilt.  this doesn't necessarily mean a high and lofty designer quilt.

it starts with the maker, who loves making it, and pours their emotions into each stitch.  taking fabric and thread, meaningless on their own and joining them together to make a blanket filled with beauty and texture.

even this though, is not enough.  even a quilt that is loved and breathed upon by it's maker will not really become a Quilt, until it is put to use in the way that every quilt wants to be used.  as a soft and comforting cover, pulled off the shelf every day for so many reasons.  loved to pieces and used without regard for it's 'specialness'.  Chosen because it is soft, because it is warm, because it unconsciously speaks of love.

---ok, that was a little sappy, maybe?!---   oh well, i'm glad that most of you reading this are quilters, so you won't find me too strange:)

anyways, i'm hoping to make the above fabric stack into a quilt from this book one of these days soon!