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Just a few more thoughts on Granny...

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For some pretty inspiration, here's a few awesome granny quilts that I found on Flickr!  I just searched for Granny Square Quilt, and was immediately sucked into a crazy deluge of luscious quilts that I had never seen before!  I spent way too long choosing which ones to include here!  (to find out more about the makers of any of these quilts, just find the link under the photos)

So after my post a little while back, in which I talked about my experience of writing a granny square tutorial, and it's subsequent popularity, I wanted to say just a bit more.  Sometimes I think I would be safer to not write my honest feeling like that, because I feel inadequate to express my thoughts in clear way.

But I've always tried to approach my blog as my own little journal, and you're free to read and comment, but ultimately I'm gonna write what I feel like!  So that's what I try to do, although it can be hard not to get in a wad, thinking someone may misunderstand...

You all left me some very sweet and understanding comments, and a few of you mentioned earlier quilters who had made similiar blocks named 'Granny Squares' and had them published in magazines or books.

Thanks for sharing this!  It's been a superb lesson for me.

1.  Just because my idea is 'original' does not mean that someone else did not have a very similiar original idea!  This does not make my idea worth less, it's just something to be mindful of.

2.  I will apply this lesson when viewing and judging all other folk's work.  It is very hurtful to be accused of copying when it's not true!  (yes, I know this!)

Anyways, thanks for following along with me, and always remember to throw a healthy dose of salt in with anything I say:)!!

Finished Swoon!!

After about a year!!! this quilt is finished!  The hand quilting took the longest, but with the help of my mom, aunties, grandmas, and friends, we got 'er done!  My mom designed, and my grandpa made a large quilt frame which we set up in my basement to quilt it.

The back is made from a crazy assortment of flannel pieces that I had laying around.  This rust and aqua rose flannel by Anna Maria Horner is one of my all time fave prints, so I included a big chunk of that.

Hopefully I'll get some better head on photos yet, it's just kinda hard to hold up such a huge quilt!  (I think it's around 90" square.

and then on a completely different topic, i wanted to send out a little 'thank-you' again, to everyone who takes the time to leave comments on my blog.  (and if you wondered where I disappeared to and didn't reply to you, we were visiting family overseas and just returned)

i chose two winners from my previous granny square post, and you will each receive a book and a fabric stack if you wish!

i'll list your names here, so please contact me with your address if it's you.  after a week or so, i'll pick a new winner if i don't hear from you.

i've decided that i want these little gifts to be a thank you for taking the time and effort to comment, and also for those of you who visit and read this dry quilty monologue regularly, so that's why i'm conducting a giveaway in this strange way:)

so here's the winning names:



contact me if you're one of these names and would like to receive a bundle!