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monday musing

well, i tried to get a few full photos of my massive swoon quilt.  it's tough though.  none of my regular spots properly accomodate a king sized quilt.  and my five-year-old is so helpful, but i guess he can't hold up a quilt that's three times as tall as him.

and then spring missed the memo that it was supposed to show up here, so we're still hunkered down with snow and freezing weather.

anyways, it's interesting to me to see this whole quilt in a photo like this.  somehow it always looks a bit different than in real life.  i think i like it better for reals than the way it looks here.  somehow the blocks don't seem to blend so well here, but when i see it on my bed, it totally works.


and yes!  i seem to be making one of those scrappy trip quilts...  i rarely join quiltalongs, and if i do i'm usually months late, starting when most folks are about finished!

i had no intention of making this one.  i've got so many other ideas, not to mention projects already started.  i watched these quilts being made, i thought they were neat, but maybe i liked the Scrap Vomit style a bit better?  i even tried making one block and decided i didn't like making them.

enough said.  then the other day i ran across this one, not sure why but that was the tipping point for me and i knew i was making one of these quilts.

i analyzed many of my favorites to figure out how to get the look i wanted.  here's what i decided.

*I wanted the blocks to merge together so that you couldn't readily distinguish one block from another.

*although i love the totally scrappy look, i wanted this one to have just a bit of a color scheme.

i knew that to make the blocks merge together i would need to think about value.   i decided to use mostly medium value fabrics (as in 90%)  the other 10% could be darker values.  so for example, one block would be all medium values, then the next one would have one strip of dark valued fabric, then the next one would be all medium values again.  Of course i'm using values very loosely here, no over analysing, just a general rule of thumb.

for my colors I wanted to go with warm citrusy colors.  yellows, oranges, pinks, greens, and then here and there a bit of aqua, a bit of warm purples...

and then over all this, always the understanding that my own rules are meant to be broken!  so if i decide to add a strip of white fabric, i will!  if i decide i want some red, or some true blue, i will!  because that's what makes quilting fun!

and i decided that i like making these blocks after all!  mainly because for each block i get to scrounge around and decide which fabrics to include.  and then when the block is done, the final pressing and placing it next to the other blocks already satisfying!!!

Fabric! Fabric!

I've spent the last week cutting fabric into 5" squares and making up fun little bundles.  Now I'm gonna try and sell a few to someone who likes charm pack squares with personality!

These bundles are the equivalent of 3 charm packs (120 5" squares) but they're made up of an eclectic bunch of fabrics.  All top quality quilt shop cottons.  A few solids mixed in some of them, but mostly prints and geometrics.

I've also restocked a few more of the exact bundles that I used for the two quilts above. I also have quite a few more combos in the shop that are not shown here.

Every bundle that I put together, I wish I could make a quilt out of!  I'd love to show you how each one will look in a quilt, and at the same time, keep trying out different ways to use charm squares.  Alas, I run out of time!

And yes, I know I'm crazy since cutting all those fabrics takes a lot of time, not to mention photographing, listing, and shipping.  This will not be a continuing feature here, but for now I just felt the need to empty out the fabric cupboard a bit.

Just a few quick links to tutorials or ideas that I've been dreaming of using these packs for.  Maybe it will get your inspiration going too!

This one!  Something about simple squares sashed with cream.
♥ Half square triangles!  The options are endless...  pairing your prints with a solid like this one!
Plus Quilt!  So simple, just arranging the squares in plus shapes.  Tutorial here.  (you may want to buy two packs, just to make a larger quilt.
One more timeless and modern strip quilt.

And I'm not done with fabric yet!  I had a request for a kit like my basket quilt, then since I had all the fabrics pulled out, I decided to make two more kits.

These kits are extra-special-precious, (at least to me)  as in - it's painful looking at them because so many of my favorite fabrics are included.  I made this kit as close as possible to my original quilt, using all the same fabrics, and only substituting when it was something I no longer had around.

I know that sending these out the door will be painful, but hey!  I chose to do it and really it does make me happy to share.  And it is almost a good kind of pain, just making myself use up some of this fabric is kinda freeing!

Anyways, these bundles include larger pieces for the block backgrounds (approx. 8"x 15") These are plenty large since I cut my backgrounds varying at 5"-8"wide by 11" high.  These backgrounds are all light to medium value prints in mostly pastel colors.

Then there's the baskets, which are about 6" square, again plenty since you'll trim most of them smaller.

The basket handles I've cut into bias strips for you, all ready to press and sew on!

Then there's the scrappy border, and I've included width of fabric strips for this.  It was a little hard to calculate how much would be needed, but I think I included plenty.  Of course you can always add from your own stash to make it even more scrappy.

So the instructions for these blocks are in Gwen Marston's Liberated Quiltmaking ll.  I don't feel right about posting a tutorial here, and besides that, I think every quilter should own this book!

Enough fabric enabling now!  Here's a link to my shop if you're feeling tempted.