miscellaneous tuesday

here's the current status of my scrappy trip around the world quilt.  i'm just trying to decide, should i make it bigger?  if i quit right now, it will be about 56"x56".  originally I had thought maybe a toddler bed quilt kind of size, so this would be perfect.

now though, i'm thinking it might be better used as a larger lap quilt.  and i can't just add one row on the bottom.  i guess i'm a little strange, but it's important to me that i get full diamonds.  so i'd have to add two rows of blocks, whether it was just on the bottom, or on the side too.  either way, that means i'll have to more than double it!  and i really think that i'm never gonna finish it then...

one other option is to make a wide border around like this one.

i received an email asking me 'if i were to make one more Hope Valley quilt, what design would i use?"

i love this question!!  and it was so timely, because i do have enough of this line left to make one big quilt!  and i'm not completely decided yet.

on thing i do know though, is that i LOVE Hope Valley in a rainbow.  i think the strips on the back of this quilt is my favorite ever use of this line.

So I think I might possibly do something like this, kind of a mix of a coin quilt, but possibly a bit more random with varying widths on the strips.  I would use Essex Linen in natural as my background fabric, because i love how it plays with these fabrics.

if you want to see a coin quilt made with these fabrics, check out Jeni's.  i can picture something a lot like that, only with the colors arranged in a rainbow.

OR, here's a similiar idea, but a bit more colorful.  Do rainbow strips like this, but take away the natural colored background strips and just make it full, full full! of Hope Valley.

something a little bit like this.

OR, what about copying one of my fave quilts ever, and doing a rainbowy something like this?
seriously, what could be better than some improv chevron strips (of course with Robert Kaufman Essex Line n in Natural as the background)

i know i've had lots of other ideas in the past for this fabric, but this seems to be what i'm stuck on right now.  what would you do with Hope Valley?  (provided you actually like it, of course!)

just one more thought, i think this line works really well in a modern design, because the colors and designs of the fabric read more traditional.  this makes for a wonderful pairing with a modern pattern.

(i'll show you the rest of this quilt yet)

one more announcement!  you may already be aware, but if you're not, there is a way us quilters can help out with the tornadoes in OK.  The Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild has a blog post here, where you can read details.  

Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe

Today is my day for promoting the book "Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe".  I decided to choose a quilt pattern from the book and make it, for my blog post today.  It took me a while to choose, there are quite a few that I'd like to make!

I ended up making this one in a baby size because I didn't have enough fabric for the full size.  I just scaled the whole thing down, since I wanted to keep the design the same.  This was a very fast quilt to make!  It's super simple too.  Great for a beginner who wants to try out a modern minimal design.

One great thing about this book is the diversity of designs.  You get a sampling of a lot of different types of quilts.

So I'm giving away one more copy of this book!  Just add your comment if you'd like to win it.

Blogger's Quilt Festival {Single Girl}

Bloggers Quilt Festival {Swoon}

The Pile in Progress

Hi there, quilty friends!  It's been quiet here, seems like I've been doing everything else but quilting these days!  I don't have anything finished to show you, but thought I'd give a little update on a few projects.

Above you will see my first needleturn applique!  So when Gwen Marston's Liberated Medallion Quilts
 book came out, I bought it.  Of course I love her free and liberating way of making a medallion quilt.  The thought of designing my own is so exciting!  My fave medallion quilts in this book, and others I've seen, all have an applique center.  Hmmm....

Couple this with the fact that I knew I'd be on a long airplane flight, I decided to try my hand at this scary technique.  I watched a few tutorials on how to do it, and then just drew out my shapes, basted them on to my background and away I went!  I just made up my own shapes, not wanting to do anything too fiddly and pointy.  I'm not quite done yet, have a few more leaves and flower petals to add, and then I can start adding pieced rows around this centre block.

p.s.  if you follow the above link for Gwen's book, it will take you to Amazon.  If you happen to purchase this book through this link, I make a few cents, just for your info:)

Next up is one that I'm slowly working at hand quilting.  It's for a special specific someone, I was trying to blend my tastes with hers, so hopefully it will be a success!

Now in a totally different direction is this arrow quilt, made completely from Chicopee from Denyse Schmidt.    Awhile back I spied this pattern in a new magazine.  Unfortunately it didn't seem to be available in Canada, but another kind quilter lady sent me an extra copy.

I love this quilt design, although I wouldn't say I loved following patterns that take lots of cutting of different sized pieces.  I think it will be worth it in the end though!

You can find the author of this pattern, and the magazine it's in, over here. 

And then an update on McElligot's Pool!  Way back, I pulled together a stack of fabric inspired by this book by Dr. Suess.  I talked about this quilt here and here.  So I made the above blocks, and then I just wasn't sure about it.  So I put it away.  Every once in a while I'd get these blocks out and stare at them, trying to figure out why they weren't going with the elusive vision I had in my head of how this quilt was supposed to look.

Then one day I realized that I needed waaaaay more of the light blues.  The darker colors should be more of an accent, kind of like the fish swimming around, and the shades of blue should be a majority of the quilt.  So I started making a bunch more blocks with blue on blue.  I also decided I wanted some creamy prints as well, so I started adding lighter fabrics.  (by now I was using way more fabrics than I had in my original pile)

So it's looking a bit better, but still not right.  I put it away for awhile again, but I've been determined that this quilt will get to the finish line sometime yet!  If for no other reason than that so many of you are rooting for it! So a week or two ago I was reading this same story to my kids again, and when I got to this page, I realized that what I needed was - still more blue - still more creamy lights - but ALSO I need way more of the light peachy pink.  More shades, more different fabrics, the light blue and the light peach need to make up at least half of the quilt!  So now I'll get to work making more blocks and veering more towards these colors and we'll see how it goes!

So that's it for the little update, and hopefully I'll soon have something done to show you!