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Finish it Up!

I decided to link up with this finish-along for the final quarter of 2013.  I list all the projects I want to finish by January 1st, 2014 and link them to this blogpost.  Then in January, every project that I've finished from this list,  I can add to the group for an entry for some great prizes.  The prizes are a great incentive, but I know that just making a list and saying that I want to finish these all up is a great way to push myself too!

Anyone is welcome to join, but today Oct. 15, is the last day to enter!

Project #1 - Finish hand quilting this little quilt.  Shouldn't be a problem because it's set up on my quilting frame in the basement.  Maybe I'll get my mom or grandma to come help me and it will get done faster!

Project #2 - Another hand quilting project which is not on the frame, but I'm using it as my carry-along project.  It's taking too long though!  I realized that it's a little too big to cart around comfortably, so I tend to not bring it along with me when driving or waiting, etc.

Project #3  I made this quilt top awhile ago.  I've since decided that I want to make it queen size, so need to add a few more rows of squares around.  Then I think I'm going to finish it by tying pink yarn in the corner of each block.

 Project #4  This shouldn't take too long to quilt and bind, since it's a baby size.  Just one of those that I'm quite unmotivated about, although I know it will be nice once it's done.

 Project #5 - My selvedge quilt needs to be finished.  I'm still deciding if I want to add a border.  I'm thinking of a big bright floral print in a wide border around the outside...

 Project #6 - A scrap quilt top that's been sitting in the cupboard for a while.  I want to use a pink voile on the back and tie it with hot pink yarn.

Project #7 - I've got these four blocks which I really like, but I don't feel like making any more of them.  So I need to sash them somehow and make in to a baby quilt.

So that should be enough to keep me busy till Christmas!  Not to mention all the new projects that are sure to weasel their way in!

Briar Rose Quilt

X and O quilt

Sew Fine Fabrics {a shop}

Fall has arrived.  My little boy is in school and a slower routine has arrived, which means I've been spending more time in my sewing room!  I have lots more to show you soon!

The quilt above came about because Jodi from SewFineFabrics contacted me awhile back about featuring her online fabric shop.  Most of the time, I regretfully pass opportunities like this because I know they don't often mesh well with my non quilting life.

Out of curiosity though, I clicked over to her shop, and the rest is history!  She said I could choose any fabrics I wanted to work with and this shop is so luscious, I just couldn't help it.  I hemmed and hawed around awhile, trying to decide which fabrics to choose.  When I chose these fabrics, I didn't intend to put them together in a quilt ( I had two smaller projects planned)  but when I saw them all together, I just thought they'd work well.  And I'd always rather sew a quilt than anything else!

So first a little more about Sew Fine Fabrics.  The first thing I noticed when visiting her shop is the lovely look of actual draped fabric.  You know I'm a big fan of this feature!  When shopping for fabric online, seeing the photos this way, as opposed to a flat computer swatch, is so accurate and gives you a real feel for the fabric.  This shop almost gives you the feeling of walking down real aisles in a store!

The second favorite thing is that top sentence in her announcement!  Talk about a seriously good deal on shipping!

The fabrics she chooses have a clean modern aesthetic, and she also specializes in organic fabric.


Now just a little bit about this quilt.  Here are the fabrics I included:

Square Stitch in Stone - this is the brown with white stitch
Solid in Starfruit - the limey green
Solid in Bright White
Unprinted Linen
The turquoise is a Premier Prints home dec fabric which must be out of stock right now.

I found out that I LOVE the Starfruit green.  It's definitely going to become a staple in my stash.

I prewashed everything, but I was concerned that the linen would fray out after a lot of washing, so I quilted it with a smallish zigzag stitch on every seam.  Guess what?  I love it!  It's a very forgiving way to stitch in the ditch, and I think it adds a nice texture.

I hope to show you a clear picture of the front of the quilt yet, I'm just waiting on my new quilt hanging spot!

Anyways, I want to thank Jodi for introducing me to her shop, I know I'll be visiting again!  And I hope you will too!  It always makes me happy to see shops that are run by people who love their fabric...