A Little Red n Blue

Little Wheels Quilt

Rainy With a Spot of Sun

Flying Geese Plans

A new exciting idea!  I've fallen in line with the Botanics fabric collection, but I've also been on a strict fabric buying diet, so I decided to mimic the colors with fabrics pulled from my stash...

I'm not sure what scale to make these blocks.  To make this a lap size quilt, I need to make each geese unit at least 4"x8", but then I know I'll have to add or substitute a lot of these fabrics because  I won't have enough.

I could make a small quilt, but somehow this design is not saying 'baby' to me.  It really needs to be a larger quilt!

I'm trying something different by PLANNING ahead!  Normally I just dive into a quilt and figure it out as I go.  This time, I'm going to do it right!