Fabric Destash

Spring Fever Destash Time!!  I can't believe that I'm really parting with all this stuff, but maybe you can benefit!! 

We've got...ziploc bags stuffed with scraps...works in progress...and huge teetering rainbow stacks from my stash of fat quarter to half yards.  (these pieces could be individually sized anywhere from partial fat quarters to half yards or maybe even more)

Oh ya, and then some larger one yardish pieces.   I didn't measure anything exactly, just rest assured you're not paying more than 6$-7$ per yard! 

If you'd like more specific info on anything, like the exact size of a specific piece, etc.  Just send me an email or a convo through Etsy and I'll be happy to help.

And... each individual order will receive either a typewriter or a phone, like the last photo above, just because I love you:)

You can find this all in my Etsy shop over here.


  1. You're killing me! :) I want them all lol... I had to quick go buy before I could comment---greedy me!

  2. Your link to your Etsy shop is not working.... I would love to buy some of your fabric, if there is still some left! Can you tell me your fabric shop name, or resend me the link?


    1. I can't reply directly to you Sarah, so I hope you see this! You can follow the link that says SHOP at the top of my blog. There are a few things left!

  3. Love those kitty cat blocks! They would be great for those precious pieces of fabric you don't want to cut up too small. I'm tempted but I have a ridiculously large stash of my own that needs bustin'!