I Just Want to Make...and Merry Christmas!

I really do miss spending more time in this space!  I have so many quilting related topics I'd like to ramble on about, but December does not seem to be the month for that, do you agree?  So much other stuff going on... but I can't wait for January!  There will be lots of quilting and talk about quilting I hope!

Just wanted to pop in here though and wish you all a blessed Christmas, and thanks for visiting and leaving comments! 

About the little wall hanging above, I made it as a small thanks to a wonderful blogging friend who sent me some of the fabric originally, which I made a flying geese quilt with. 

I pieced the little leftover strips together to make this little wallhanging, and thought it was done.  But it sat on my shelf for a while obviously because it just knew it wasn't complete, and was waiting for me to catch on!

Then one day I decided to do some thread painting on it, (which is something I really enjoy, I want to explore it some more and maybe talk about how simple and forgiving and fun it is!).  Of course I had to use my fave saying as relating to creativity.  I think I need a similar one for my sewing space to remind me of this thought.  I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.  So. So. True.

Birthday Haul

I had never thought of it before this year, but it's kinda nice that my birthday falls on the week before the U.S. Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  This year it meant that I took advantage of a few sales to spend my birthday money!

First off a book, which I haven't had the chance to look through yet, but promises much inspiration. 

And then a couple of fabric bundles and patterns from The Workroom.  Have you ever visited this website?  I've always drooled from afar, but I decided to indulge myself, since I have been wanting those two quilt patterns forever, and then the fabric bundles just made sense because of the sale!  You know what I mean, right?!!

That last fabric bundle is meant to coordinate with the new collection Doe, which is the one fabric item that I put on my Christmas wish list (crossing fingers).

Now if only I could get some quilting done!  Reading back in my blog makes it look deceptively like I've been finding time to quilt, but unfortunately that's not quite so!  I think my itching fingers will have to wait till after Christmas...

Monthly Sparks

Are any of you quilty fabric lovers having a hard time filling out your own Christmas wish list?  I've got a suggestion for you!  Fabric Spark is launching a fun new fabric subscription!  Sign up, and every month you'll receive a bundle of 12 fat quarters that have been curated by one of the quilters/bloggers shown above!

I can't wait till it's my turn to choose the bundle.  It's coming in spring, so I'm already thinking pinks and oranges.  These two groups above are just fun ideas I was having fun pretending with!

Here's a link to the listing to purchase this 12 month fabric subscription, which will explain further details.  12 Monthly Sparks