Birthday Haul

I had never thought of it before this year, but it's kinda nice that my birthday falls on the week before the U.S. Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  This year it meant that I took advantage of a few sales to spend my birthday money!

First off a book, which I haven't had the chance to look through yet, but promises much inspiration. 

And then a couple of fabric bundles and patterns from The Workroom.  Have you ever visited this website?  I've always drooled from afar, but I decided to indulge myself, since I have been wanting those two quilt patterns forever, and then the fabric bundles just made sense because of the sale!  You know what I mean, right?!!

That last fabric bundle is meant to coordinate with the new collection Doe, which is the one fabric item that I put on my Christmas wish list (crossing fingers).

Now if only I could get some quilting done!  Reading back in my blog makes it look deceptively like I've been finding time to quilt, but unfortunately that's not quite so!  I think my itching fingers will have to wait till after Christmas...


  1. Well, happy belated! That book looks amazing. Enjoy the holiday prep ; )

  2. Happy Birthday-looks like a beautiful way to treat yourself. Quilting gifts are the best.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Jolene, I hope it was a great day (or week). Good for you for treating yourself!

  4. I want that top book also. I hope you get a chance to enjoy all of your birthday goodies.


  5. Happy Belated Birthday.Enjoy your godies,anyone is just yummiest!

  6. Happy belated birthday. I'm sure you will do wonderful things with that fabric.

  7. Great birthday haul. The Workroom is my local shop, I actually treated myself to that same first bundle during their last sale too!