Sew Together Bags and Random Thoughts

In real time, I'm facing the daunting task of basting my Moda Building Blocks quilt. (I've decided that I'm not going to call it 'Modern' Building Blocks, because in my humble opinion, a Sampler quilt is not really a modern quilt.  Am I the only one getting tired of everything being called 'Modern' just to sell it to us blogging quilters who supposedly will buy anything if we're assured that it is indeed 'Modern'.)

After that little rant, I'm curious.  Do you think the Moda Modern Building Blocks Pattern is modern?  The blocks are varying sizes, and the layout is not traditional, but the piecing methods and the blocks themselves are very traditional.  I have no desire to open a can of worms, I just find it interesting how we can all see the same item, but interpret it so differently.  I think that is one of the best things about being human, the fact that we can all have a different opinion.  I LOVE hearing people's opinions!  And I love to share mine!

So I said above, I'm stalling on basting this massive quilt.  It's one of those tasks that I just have to dive in and DO it, or I could find a hundred excuses for the next month why I can't get it done.

Meanwhile, I remembered that I hadn't showed you these SewTogether bags that I made before Christmas.  I'd heard scary things about them.  I mean, there's four zippers and some fairly thick seams here and there.  I was amazed at how well they went together though!  And they're so nifty!  I think they'd make a great gift, although the recipient must be kinda special.  I think these took me about 2 hours each, so I'm not giving them out as door prizes!

Moda Building Blocks Quilt - Almost Done!

This quilt was going to be a long term project.  And it was, for a few months.  But when a large project like this reaches about half way or a bit more, then I usually get excited to see it completed and forge ahead with great gusto.

So now I've got almost all the blocks made, just a few of those crazy 6" blocks with all the tiny triangle pieces.  I'm feeling tempted to forgo the last ones and just fill those spots up with 6" squares of favorite fabrics, but I'm trying to resist.  I want this to be a quilt that doesn't cheat!

And I think I'm going to make it bigger, adding a row of blocks along one side to make it a healthy queen size. 

The true story is that I've been quite enjoying the process on this quilt pattern.  As I'm finishing up the final stretch, I'm actually considering making another one sometime.  Maybe in all my favorite fabrics.  And maybe instead of all those bitty 6" blocks, I'd fill those areas up with scrappy 2" squares.

I think the reason I love making a quilt like this is that I get to pick the fabric out for each block as I go along.  Since the fabric picking is my favorite part, that means I get to spread it out through the whole process.