Quilting Through a Book

Thank you, dear quilty friends, for weighing in on my idea to make every quilt in one particular book.  Some of you sounded enthused to do the same, lots of you gave your opinion on which book I should use.

My two book options were Sunday Morning Quilts, or Simply Retro.  These two books are fairly different from each other, and so I thought I'd do a short description of both, in how they would apply to my 'project'.

After that I'll reveal to you which book I decided to go with!

make. every. single. quilt.

I've got a problem.  It's one of those elusive things that I've just managed to pin down.  To explain myself, I'm going to break it into four parts: 



I desperately want to make quilts but I don't have inspiration. I can't decide what to make and am not feeling confident in color/fabric choices or quilt patterns to make.  Overwhelmed by options.


- high expections.  I know I could make something amazing and original if I'd just put forth the effort.
- small amounts of time.  It's spring time!  Which is awesome because I enjoy gardening and yard work but it really cuts into sewing time.
- too many options!  in both fabric and quilting ideas.

Fabric Love Monday

I was having fun snooping around at Fabric Spark's shop and put together these two bundles.  Daryl was kind enough to put them both together as fat quarter bundles in case any one should take a fancy to these fabrics the way I did!

I wish I could sit down right now and make a quilt out of each one of these bundles!