Black Friday Sales

Fabric Spark is having a Black Friday Sale.  20% off everything in the store with the coupon code 'woohoo',  The prints above are a few random fabrics that I have in my virtual fabric cart right now over at Fabric Spark.

The second sale I'll tell you about is in my shop, BlueElephantStitches.  Maybe a bit pointless to share here on the blog, as most of you are quilters yourselves and the last thing you want to buy is a quilt:)  Anyways, I'm having a rare sale, 30% off most of the quilts in the shop!  I basically never have a sale, but take advantage of my desire to clear out the shelves and start fresh in January!


  1. They may be quilters, but they don't have one of your quilts ; )

  2. I had the same reaction as Carla!

  3. Lovely selection of fabric, designs and patterns! They are perfect for making different types of quilt and really excited to know they are on sale.