Star Quilt Top Complete!

Random Sewing

As you may or may not have noticed, I've been having trouble finding time to sew, and for sure not finding time to take photos of projects and blog about them.  I am not by any means losing interest in this little spot, as I've always loved the aspect of an online quilting journal, rather than the social media and connecting aspect of blogs, instagram, etc.  Often I will daydream about spending more time here, and all the many things I could do to make reading this blog a more enriching and enjoyable experience.  It really will happen more, one of these days!

Meanwhile, I have been doing some sewing here and there.  Some of these are from before Christmas, and have been sold.  I went through a little stage of thinking maybe I'd like to make more smaller items to sell, like pillow covers, etc. so I made a bunch.

I do enjoy that, but if I'm making one of a kind items, it's a lot of work to photograph and list each one.  So in the end, that's not so profitable.

Right now I'm trying to focus more on sewing the things that I need/want in my home.  Like my son's quilt, (the star one) that he's been begging for me to finish.  As of yesterday, the stars are sewed together and I'm making a strippy border.  It's going to be a queen size, as that's the size of bed I think he'll be using in the future.  His request was to have minky or something plush and soft on the back.  Honestly though, I just don't see that working to back this large pieced quilt, so I think I'll use cotton, and then he can use the minky throw that I bought for the back as a separate blanket.

I think my main concern is that I will not densely quilt minky because it's a serious headache and to just lightly tie or quilt it will not be durable enough, considering all the seams.  What do you think?  Anyone have experience using plush fabric as backing on a large quilt with lots of piecing?  If so, how did you quilt it?