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snippets from my sewing room

I`m (mostly) settled into my new sewing room, and it`s oh so lovely.  I`ve been sneaking in there to sew whenever I can, and sometimes when I really can`t!  It`s so much more to fun to sew than to clean or organize... and I have so many ideas of quilts I want to make!  Also my little Etsy shop is depleted of boy quilts so I decided I must remedy that.

The last photo is one of those, and I have a few to show you soon.  The middle photo is a fun project I did for myself.  I`ve always wanted a vintage dresden plate quilt, but since I`ve never found one at the thrift store, and the nice ones online are highly sought after, I made my own.  It`s made from about half vintage fabrics and half new.  Pretty happy with how it`s turned out, but now I have to decide if I`m going to hand quilt it.  I have my oldest son`s queen sized quilt in the queue to be quilted first, so we`ll see.