Selvedge Quilt

This finish feels so good!  I started making these selvedge blocks oh, maybe 5 years ago?  Then the quilt top sat for a few years.  About a year ago I made a backing out of a bunch of smaller pieces of bright rainbow fabrics.  Then it sat basted and waiting for quilting.  Until I need those safety pins badly enough that I just had to quilt it!  Of course this one will be staying here, as it's one of those that are most valuable to the maker.

It ends up at about twin size, and I like the way it looks.  These days selvedges are even more cool than they were when I saved all of these.  Now they have fun sayings and so much variety.  But even so, I don't save them anymore.  Maybe I should be?  I just don't know if I want another quilt made from selvedges, and what else should I make out of them?  Pincushions is one thing that would work...hmmm...


  1. That looks like a really lovely quilt, so cozy and inviting.

  2. Your selvages made a super sweet quilt! I know what you mean about saving them. I have a bucket full and have plans to use them. There's a ton of ideas on Pinterest...just put the word in the search bar. There are more incredible projects for them!

  3. I save all my selvages, too. Still haven't done anything major with them. I made a mug rug for a birthday gift and a pin cushion for my sister, but otherwise they are waiting in two canisters in my sewing room. I love this quilt! Think I might have to make my own version!

  4. A very pretty quilt, I love it! I've never been one to collect selvages, but I have noticed lately some are very very creative these days.

  5. I'm a new follower and just LOVE this quilt. Have many saved selvages and wonder if I could be so bold as to ask a few questions.
    1. Assume you overlapped the edges to sew together to eliminate bulk. True?
    2. What width were your selvages?
    3. What size are the squares and borders?
    Cheeky, I know, to ask so many questions, but have been away from quilting for awhile and feeling so rusty. Good news, I completed treatments that lasted from June to November and ready to get back in the quilting saddle. Thank you so much

    1. 1. Yes, I started out by using a paper foundation but found that tedious to rip off later, so just overlapped them and topstitched the next one right along the edge.
      2. Do you mean how much of the print was left on above the selvedge? If I had the choice I like to leave an inch or a bit less of print, because I think it's prettier to have some of it showing.
      3. I believe I squared my blocks to 6" square. The borders? are approximately 9-10" wide

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  7. How wonderful! I adore your selvage blocks...really like how you left a bit of the fabric on! Save those selvages! You could give them to someone like me ;)

  8. GREAT quilt! Just love the large floral print with all those tiny strips, and the b/w binding is the icing on the cake!

  9. Congrats! on your newly completed quilt. I think it is wonderful and don't blame you a bit for keeping it!

  10. Thanks for the inspiration! I have been saving selvages, now I know what
    to do with them.