HST Baby Quilt

I made this quilt from the latest bundle that I curated for Fabric Spark's Monthly Sparks.  I don't think this bundle is available any more, but wanted to show it to you any way.  I only used about half of each fat quarter, so I could have made a lap sized quilt with this bundle.  I added the white and black dot, and made a bunch of hst blocks.  I love this layout that I decided on!  There are so many possibilites with this block.

Alas, I must confess that this quilt ended up with a few small issues.  For one, the voile print that I used on the back has a plaid design.  And I paired it with straight line quilting.  What was I thinking?  This is one of those mistakes that I should have learned by now!  IF, you are going to use a stripe on the back of your quilt, beware that any straight line quilting will look crooked.  I don't believe you can ever be so accurate as to line it up exactly.  The slightest waver or tilt to your fabric will be glaringly obvious on the back! 

Also, I decided to try applying my binding the famous RedPepperQuilts way.  And it's just not for me.  Yes, I do usually sew my bindings on by machine, but I do it this way.  I've been doing it this way for years, and to try a new method now will cause me untold frustration, so why change I guess!  Either way is equally good I'm sure,  It's just that to sew a neat looking binding takes a lot of practice.  I think my way is easier to learn to do neatly though!  Unless you're not concerned what the back of your quilt looks like.

So these two problems, quilting lines that appear crooked on the back next to the plaid lines on the fabric, and a sewn binding that doesn't look completely straight either...This is a dilemma I face sometimes.  I've sewn this quilt to sell in my Etsy shop, but it's not quite up to my standards aesthetically.  It is perfectly durable, and the front looks great, but I don't feel good selling it!  This time I tried listing it AS IS.  So at a reduced price, and explaining the issues.  We'll see if it sells!


  1. It's a beautiful quilt and only YOU know what frustrated you about it.

  2. Cheerful and graphic, I think it's a wonderful baby quilt!!

  3. I love the tiny polka dot! and your color placement really makes it pop. I'm sure it will sell;)

  4. You are a wonderful unique quilt artist. Don't ever change Jolene! I 💟 your quilts!

  5. I understand wanting to keep your reputation in tact by not wanting to sell an imperfect quilt. We each have our own standards for good work and don't feel good about anything less, but I have learned that many that buy quilts do so because they don't "make" quilts and therefore are not looking it over like we do. There are people who like perfection but they are not often drawn to handmade things anyway. I'm sure this quilt will be loved by someone! I know I love it!!