Warm Summer Cottage Quilt


I started out by making the 2” squares quilt in these warm cottage colours.  I loved the color combo so much, plus I had cut too many strips and had all the inevitable little scraps, so I made this baby sized (40” square) log cabin quilt.

I still had scraps left, and wasn’t tired of these fabrics yet, so I made two more things... coming in the next post!


  1. It's funny, I would have never picked up this selection of fabrics, just not 'me'. But I sure can admire what a gorgeous creation you made from them. Thanks for expanding my color thinking!

  2. Love the colours and fabrics. Beautiful quilts!!

  3. Ever so pretty! Love the colors in the big quilt.

  4. Wonderful "scrap control" and the gray leafy backing fabric is just perfect. I always love seeing what comes out of your inspired quilty mind. :-)

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