SpiderWeb Quilt

In looking back through my blog, I'm realizing just how many quilts I've failed to post about in the last year.  I don't like this, because I like to have a bit of a timeline on the quilts I've made.  So here' s another one that was made probably a year ago.  

I used Thimbleblossom's pattern for this one, basically it's just a template to cut out the two different shapes needed.  Don't let this pattern intimidate you, it's really easy!  Also a great way to use up all those little strips from your scrap bin.

I did have a bit of a color palette in mind with this one, so I didn't use just any and every scrap.  It can be tricky sometimes to keep to a certain look, but not let it get boring by being too strict about it.  Like if you decide you want a subdued 'dirtier' look, you can't rigidly leave out all bright clear colors, because there might be a few that are just right.  And sometimes these projects take on a life of their own and turn out differently than you had imagined.  Those are usually the best ones!  

I've talked about this before, but I think that to make a successful quilt, you need at least one rule.  I do this subconsciously, but if I look back I can usually tell what my rule was.  Often there is more than one rule, but in a scrappy or improv quilt, there will be less rules.  

In this quilt, the obvious rule is the pattern.  It's a spiderweb pattern, and I stuck with the exact pattern, making no changes to the layout.  (other than the green of the stars changing, because I didn't have enough of one green)

The less obvious rule would be the color scheme, and it was very loose.  It's a little hard to explain on this one, as it was intuitive.  If I remember right, I made one wedge and really liked the feel of it, so I used that as my guide for all my fabric strips, trying to keep that feel.

Make sense?  I think having these rules keeps your quilt lively but not chaotic.  And it's more fun to make when you have some restraints.


  1. Loved your discussion on using one or two rules to sort of control design development! Very helpful and have never thought about it like that!. jparrish1229@gmail.com

  2. I love your spiderweb quilt! It is one I have always wanted to try! I'd like to try your 'lively not chaotic' method of choosing fabrics too!

  3. I love your color palette! Thanks for explaining your method of choosing your fabrics to harmonize so nicely.

  4. I realize from reading this that I, too have a rule for my quilts. They vary but there is generally some color or pattern I deliberately spread throughout. You are right. It's just enough to give some unity to a scrappy quilt.

  5. I have a hard time with scrap quilts because I don't know what rules to apply. I just took a class with Cheryl Arkison that helped me see the light and I'm working on a scrap quilt as i type--we shall see what the outcome is. Your quilts are always so inspiring!

  6. Thank you for the good lesson. I need to consistently apply it! Spiderweb is gorgeous!
    -Jean 💟

  7. Preciosos trabajos, me gustan siempre.