Fall 2018 Quilt #3

The paisley fabric with the navy background was my beginning point for this quilt.  I added an assortment of reds, oranges, rusts, and caramels.  Definitely not my normal color choices, but fun to try for a change.  I find red hard to use in quilts without it dominating the whole thing, so for this one, I just let it be in charge!

As for the design, I always love circles.  I also have not done raw edge appliqué for a long time so I decided to revisit it.   While it may not be everyone’s style, I do like the texture it adds, and it’s a quick easy way to add curves to your design.

I backed this one with a lovely blue floral voile that I’ve been hoarding.  It’s a piece that I bought a year ago when we were in London and I visited Shaukat Fabrics (they have tons of Liberty fabrics but also many others that are a similar style).  This is one of those pieces that I’d buy a whole bolt of if I could, simply because I know I would use it.  It’s a print and color that goes well with so many different quilt tops, and the weight is lovely as well.

Another new thing I tried was a single fold binding rather than a double fold (I don’t think I’m ever going back, but I’ll talk about that another day!). Also I used a decorative stitch to sew the binding down.  It takes a lot longer, but worth it to add something a little special.


  1. Ein wunderschöner Quilt in warmen, erdfarbenen Farben. Einfach zum einkuscheln.
    Herzliche Grüße, die Bildersammlerin!

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  3. Yes red can dominate. My guild had a challenge. Just use a touch of red in a small quilt. Even very small pieces of red would always catch your eye first!