Pattern or Improv?

This quilt was made over a year ago, as a special gift.  Looking through my old photos I realized I hadn't shared it, and as it applies to my thoughts today, I'd thought I'd include it here.  (btw, I think of this quilt as improv, although the feathers are made with a pattern)

My thoughts have been... should I make improv quilts?  or pattern quilts?

Now, you can say, 'make whatever you feel like!'  and of course that's true.  But the reason I'm pondering it is that for me it's a deeper question. 

Improv quilts, which I think of as a quilt that doesn't follow any pattern or traditional block layout,  take extra mental energy for me.  If I followed my first impulse when planning a quilt, I would choose a pattern.  (This may have a little bit to do with my stage in life which includes four young kids and quilting needs to be therapy!)  Improv work takes energy out of me, it's draining.

The quilts in which I follow a pattern or use traditional blocks I find relaxing.  It doesn't feel risky because I usually like the finished product.  There are limitless options to customize and make these quilts feel original, even if they have been made so many times.

So why do I even consider quilting improvisationally?  Why am I asking myself this question?  I've thought of it often in the past, but the passing of Gwen Marston (this deserves it's own post...) brought it to the forefront.  The fact is, when I look back on past quilts, the ones I feel the most proud of are the improv quilts.  The ones that I took the risk on, that don't look at all like any one else's...

So realistically I'll continue to do a combination of improv and pattern following, but I think I want to push myself to step outside my box more often.  I've made a few improv quilt tops lately which I'll hopefully show you soon!


  1. I find this really interesting because I am the opposite. I find patterns much more challenging. But in any case, with four young kids you deserve a metal that you're getting any sewing done whatsoever!

  2. I wouldn't thing there's a need to choose creativity over relaxation. Do BOTH!! Whether at the same time (as in the gorgeous quilt shown) or separately, depending on what you have the time and/or energy for. I feel your struggle with improv (and art quilts, too!) For me, choosing my own colors and frequently shrinking patterns is enough to keep me satisfied without straining my brain. I hold onto the feeling that the other will fall into line when the mood strikes. Good luck with your own struggle!

  3. Sometimes expressions become well worn words because they are true. There are seasons for activities as well as living beings. Perhaps this is your season to do more relaxing types of projects and when you feel moved to take on a challenge you do. There will come a time when the proportions reverse, most likely. As a parent of 4 young children, do what helps refill your cup, your whole household will be better for it.

  4. This is a wonderful quilt. I agree with favorite is improv...but when my husband got ALS, I could only sew one 5.5 inch charm to another... Now that I am going to have a knee replacement in 3 weeks, I will prepare a jelly roll quilt to make...easy and relaxing xo Sew what you want

  5. I've noticed your unique and wonderful style shines through no matter what type of quilt you're making. It's lovely how you mixed improv with a pattern in this one. I love improv but it often drains me too so I do both. So true that there's still room for individuality in following a quilt pattern.

  6. That is a wonderful quilt! I too have the same challenge - should I make quilts of my own desig, which take mental energy and might not result in something pleasing, or should I follow a pattern where the result will be pleasing but might not make me feel as fulfilled. My answer is to do what feels right at the time - some projects need something quick that doens't take a lot of mental energy while other projects can take a slow journey that has enough time to move forward in a manner that will challenge me without overwhelming me. Most projects, like your quilt, combine aspects of both. I wish you the best in your decision.

  7. Great blog post. I agree, improv takes a lot more creative energy from me, but I have to say when I'm done, I find the greatest satisfaction from an improv quilt. I love the uniqueness of them!
    Happy sewing,

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  12. I am the opposite in this stage of my life. I have found it most relaxing to do improv! I started doing this [before I knew there was a name for it!] at the beginning of this year. My husband was recovering from cancer treatment and I just couldn’t get back to quilting. I’m retired and 66 years old. Suddenly I finally got the “bug” to quilt again and just started playing with all my wonderful scraps. The results surprised me, and I wondered if I was just being kinda crazy. But then I found out it IS a technique!! I am working on a patterned quilt now with lots of triangles that need to be matched is NOT relaxing to me at all and I can’t wait to finish it and get back to my newfound comfort zone.

  13. Interesting. I am an inveterate nine patch maker. Whenever I sit down with some material, it turns into a nine patch. I piece by hand, and don't really measure much, so almost every quilt top turns into some sort of improv, because I have to fill in the gaps from the different sized blocks. This spring, I suddenly found myself making a string quilt, with leftovers from masks, and I was on fire! A new world of design just opened itself up. I think of quilting like I do cooking. I have a fixed set of things I like to make, and then I improvise from there with the ingredients and time I have. So the string quilt was like having a great new recipe to play around with.

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