Scrappy Leftovers Quilt

This was such a fun little quilt to make!  I used all the scraps left over from my Kaleidoscope quilt.  I used batting strips, and sewed it in the quilt as you go method.  I used different widths of strips, and also a little area of diamonds since I had those triangle pieces made already.

So when I patched it all together, the seams where I sewed together the strips of batting are of course fairly bulky.  I remedied that by doing different decorative stitches on top of these areas.  This made them lay nice and flat, and in the end I love the element it adds to this quilt.

I backed it in a cute double gauze farm animal print that I've been saving for years, wondering if I'd ever make the quilt that would coordinate with it.  And somehow this one did!  Love it when that happens! 

This one ends up around 40" square, the typical baby size that I make.


  1. Beautiful! It' so much fun to use up scraps and make something useful and treasured!

  2. LOVE scrappy leftovers! They make THE BEST quilts.

  3. it's adorable. i love the extra touch of the decorative stitches on the seams. i'm curious which quilt-as-you-go attachment method you used for joining the strips.

  4. Your quilt came out wonderful! The soft colors make it look vintage. It's always amazing to see what can be made with our scraps.

  5. It's nice that you have so many ideas and implement them. A good selection of materials is the basis of beautiful-looking quilts. I like reading such posts very much

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  7. It's so adorable. I loved this scrape leftover and I really appreciate your idea of using scrape to design such a beautiful quilt.


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