Scrappy Courthouse Steps Quilt

This quilt began with the tiniest scraps left over from another scrap quilt.  Yes, this happens all the time.  Although after this one, there were only crumbs left!  I only keep tiny scraps if they are a very precious, loved fabric and I don't have any larger chunks left.  By tiny I mean smaller than 2.5 inch squares.

So that means that there are quite a few beloved fabrics in this little (41"x46") quilt.  See that little strip of whimsical sheep in the last photo?  That strip was about 1.5" wide by 5".  I received it in a scrap pack that I purchased on Etsy at least 10 years ago.  (those were the early days when I didn't have a large selection of fabric, so scrap packs were a great way to add variety without breaking the bank)  Anyways, that one little strip of sheep fabric has survived ever so many scrap quilts, and scrap purges, always waiting for the perfect time to be used!  And now it finally found its way into a quilt!


  1. This is a lovely little quilt! Good inspiration for a project to use all the little scraps of cottony treasure.

  2. I love how you combine colours. Your quilts are always gorgeous. Do you start with a colour combination in mind before going to your scraps?

  3. I really love your unique style when choosing fabrics and deciding on the pattern. The quilt is really quite lovely.

  4. I keep tiny pieces too. I have a sense they belong “somewhere “. Your placement is inspired. Happy Stitching!


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