Rectangle Coin Quilt

A scrap quilt that I finished about a month ago.  It just sold, and I realized I hadn’t shown it here on the blog.  I started cutting rectangles, 2.5”x3.5”. It’s a slightly different look than squares, so it’s something fun to try for a change.  I then started sewing them together, alternating light and dark.  If I had quite a few rectangles from one type of fabric, I didn’t spread them out through the quilt, but rather kept them together just as I pulled them off the stack. In the end, I think it gives the quilt a nice pattern with less chaos.

On the right hand side, I did a few rows with squares rather than rectangles.  It’s not something you easily notice, but it’s fun to add surprises!


  1. This quilt turned out so nice, such a simple pattern but so striking! Happy Stitching!