Four Patch in a Square Tutorial

Here's the current rabbit trail I've been traveling down.  I don't know if there's an official name for this block, but obviously it should be called Four Patch in a Square:)

I originally made the nine blocks you see in the upper left corner of the collage above.  I loved them so much I knew I'd have to make a whole quilt, even though they're small.  Each block measure 4 3/4", so when it's sewn into the quilt, each block will only be 4 1/4".  This means a lot of blocks needed to make a quilt!

That's why I stopped at a baby size, thinking that would do... but now I've decided to go larger.  The blocks may be small, but I think it will be worth it because these blocks are just. so. cute.

And they're not hard to make!  Very simple actually.  I've included a basic tutorial below, with instructions to make one block.  I usually make these blocks in batches of a dozen.  So keep that in mind when following this tutorial.

After sewing the four patch together, pinch the triangles in half to make a center mark.  This crease should line up with the center of the four patch when sewing it on.

Also remember that the diagonal of these triangles is a bias cut, so handle them gently as they can stretch a bit.

I pressed all my seams open on this block, but you can press them your preferred way.  Also, if you're a perfectionist and those little tails on the finished block bother you, by all means trim them off!  

These are such sweet and fun little blocks to make!