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Pattern or Improv?

This quilt was made over a year ago, as a special gift.  Looking through my old photos I realized I hadn't shared it, and as it applies to my thoughts today, I'd thought I'd include it here.  (btw, I think of this quilt as improv, although the feathers are made with a pattern)

My thoughts have been... should I make improv quilts?  or pattern quilts?

Now, you can say, 'make whatever you feel like!'  and of course that's true.  But the reason I'm pondering it is that for me it's a deeper question. 

Improv quilts, which I think of as a quilt that doesn't follow any pattern or traditional block layout,  take extra mental energy for me.  If I followed my first impulse when planning a quilt, I would choose a pattern.  (This may have a little bit to do with my stage in life which includes four young kids and quilting needs to be therapy!)  Improv work takes energy out of me, it's draining.

The quilts in which I follow a pattern or use traditional blo…

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