Dinner's Served!

(This photo has nothing to do with my ramblings here today.  But don't you love my chair?  It was an early Christmas gift from my Mom.)

Awhile ago I stumbled upon a Flickr group called Fabulous Fabric Stacks.  Now if you're not a fabric nerd you will totally roll your eyes and go 'whaaaat?'.  But if there's anything I love to do, it's play around with fabric and come up with different color combos, dreaming for each one how I'd put it together in a quilt.  I'll never come close to having enough sewing hours in my life to make every quilt I'd like to, so I just spend ten minutes pretending by stacking up some luscious fabrics, and then tada, in my mind that quilt has been made!

So, anyways, this group has a fun little thing going on where every week someone chooses a theme, and you can put together a stack of fabric on that theme.  It's a great exercise to think outside the 'all from one fabric line' box.  For example, last week was "Game On"  and here's my stack.

Then Amy asked me to think of the theme for this coming week.  I was surprised, honored, and said yes.  Then immediately the second guessing began.  This happens to me all. the. time when it comes to things creative, artsy-fartsy.  I'm instantly lacking in self-confidence the moment someone else deems me worthy of a task.  So the theme ideas began to percolate, but I kept squashing them cause they were too boring, too cheesy, whatever.  Then I decided "HELLO"  this is not a life and death matter, and actually you aren't very original, so just stop pretending, and go with the next idea that pops into your head!

 So I'm telling you,  that this is a GREAT and SO original idea.   I'm comforting myself that it doesn't have to be fancy, cause I want to leave it open to everyone's imagination.  And I had fun, I could hardly decide on what meal/food to choose.  Yes, the theme is "Dinner's Served"  My final stack is below, but I first toyed with the idea of a luscious big green salad full of all kinds of additions, although really I should have devoted it to Diet Pepsi and pita chips, since that's what I'd like to eat everyday... and then I thought of McDonalds....OK, I'll stop now, why don't you go make a stack of fabric inspired by food and show it to us.

Wondering what my stack of fabric is supposed to be?  Go here for a description.  Come join in the fun!


  1. I want that chair & quilt in the first picture. Totally love it!
    Like your "turkey dinner" also! :)

  2. You have so much creativity flowing out of you! Don't let anyone including you :):) intimidate you or hold you back! That is a great theme and an amazing stack of fabric.

    Rach, I am with you re: the chair and quilt. The quilt intrigues me........