Finishes and Frost

Yes, my entry is piled with coats and boots and mittens,  but look at my backyard!

Another little pincushion...

And a gathered clutch.   Ok, I love the finished look of this clutch, but this was my second try.  Thankfully I tried it first on some less yummy fabric.  I think I ripped each seam at least once...

Getting the zipper right, (well, I still don't have it quite right) is just slightly tricky, for me anyways.  I think making a third one would be a good idea.


  1. Oh, your backyard is beautiful! And that clutch - to die for!!!

  2. These are so cute...

    Your photo of the backyard is beautiful! What a mess all of our entrance's are! Well, at least mine.

  3. I have been seeing these gathered clutches lately, and the right fabric REALLY makes a difference on these. I absolutely LOVE your fabric choices here! So cute :-)

    ~ Meagan