More Baskets

A few more baskets...I have almost enough for my quilt!  This is one project that I haven't become bored with , even though I've been working on it for a few months.

That's unusual for me, since I'm always thinking about the next newer, better, funner idea!  But these blocks are just so fun to put together.

And here's a little peek of the next quilt I've finished up from the pile of half done projects.  It's one of those that I almost didn't finish, and now I can hardly bear to sell it!


  1. I say don' t sell it then! :). Great baskets! Happy sewing!

  2. Those baskets are adorable!

  3. LOVE the baskets!! So cheery and bright. What is that cute background in the second block? I just adore prints with little trees and houses :)