What?! June already?

Time absolutely whizzzzes by!  I often wish that I had twice as much time, so that I could fit in all the things I'd like to do, all the skills I'd like to learn, and all the places I'd like to go, in this one short life.

On the other hand, that would be twice as many meals to cook, twice as many dirty bottoms to wipe, and twice as many loads of sandy, sweaty laundry.  So...

Ok, I was tempted to wax philosophical there for a bit....... but the urge passed.......luckily:)

On my last post, Liz (sorry, I couldn't reply to you Liz) asked me to talk a bit about my process in making that quilt.  Now, my problem here is that I LOVE to read about process from other folks.  Their thoughts, photos, just the whole path from beginning to end of the project.

BUT, I seem to find it very hard to do this myself.  When I'm in the middle of a quilt design, I have thoughts that I think I'd like to share here.  The problem is, this all takes extra time, and so before I know it, the quilt is finished, and I've almost forgotten how it went together, because I'm already dreaming of the next one.

The other problem is that when I sit down here to write, it all seems rather inconsequential.  Like, either this has all been said a hundred times before, or there's a tutorial for something like this already, or I just plain can't get my thoughts out here.

All this to say, I was inspired to show you my process in making this type of random pieced block.  I took a bunch of photos as I went along, and had it all written out in my head.

Then the sun peaked out from behind the clouds, I got the crazy idea to paint my dining room, and life in general happened!  So once again, my dreams of making a mini tutorial were thwarted.  But we'll see what the next week brings.


  1. I am the same way. I don't remember to take pictures, or I take them and then I lose my camera cord, or I get distracted by a new project or recipe.

    I really like that newsprint fabric and the bike fabric. You don't happen to remember where you got them or their names, do you?

  2. I love the little bicycle in that block! And life gets in the way sometimes, but that's gotta be fine, right? :-)

  3. Cute block! I could have fun in your stash!

  4. I love random days where you plan one thing but than, something inspires you and away we go to do the inspirational:D