A Smidge of Dr. Suess

Here we go!  I'm rather excited to show you the first finish in my cleanup marathon!  Before you get too admiring of my speedy skills, I must admit that this one had the top completely done, and the backing all ready and hanging together, just waiting to be basted and quilted.  It's also a baby quilt, so it finishes up quite quickly.

I forget why I made this quilt top in the first place...I think that I was feeling the urge to use a bit of Dr. Suess fabric, so I sat down and made three blocks, and then decided that this tiny gray pinstripe (Sunkissed by Sweetwater) was the perfect finishing touch.  So I plopped these blocks in a big hunk of this most wonderful  favorite gray fabric and there you go!

I'm finding that my tastes generally veer towards the simple, especially in baby quilts.  You can call it lazy if you want, but I just like the looks of some plain open space to rest the eye.

I think my favorite elements in this quilt are the backing and binding.  The back is Ta Dot Flannel by Michael Miller, and the binding is Lecien Color Basics.    I would declare that red and white stripe as a must have in any stash.  If you like red and white stripes, that is!

Here you can see the quilting.  I'm still on a straight line quilting kick.  It's my go-to design right now.  I just love the texture and I really don't think it takes much more time than stippling on small quilts.  On large quilts, it takes a lot more muscle and maneouvring!

I think this will be my next finish.  Yes, I know it's my most recent project, and I should really punish myself and make it wait till last, but it's cluttering up my table and design wall right now so I can't do anything else till it's cleaned up!

Mid Summer Cleanup

The fever is upon me to finish up all my in-progress quilts...  I start to feel a bit claustrophobic when I've got too many things on the go.  I never used to let this happen, but these days the amount of new ideas in my head  far outweighs the amount of time available to execute them.  When I do have a bit of time I feel like working on something I'm excited about at the moment.

 But the best of ideas become muddled when you have the slight guilt of that last quilt top that you never quite finished, and then you can't find anything because the stack of stuff on the table is so perilously high... And it feels so good to finish stuff up and clean up the closet.

So here goes!  Hopefully you'll be seeing more finished quilts soon!

House Quilt

Here's my second quilt for the do.Good Stitches charity quilting bee.  I can brag just a teeny-tiny bit about this quilt, cause most of the blocks were made by all the other talented quilters in my group.

I think the best part of this quilt was opening up all the packages as they arrived and finding all these cute blocks.  Everyone put so much effort into these little houses, and some small child is going to love this quilt!

So thank you to all my fellow quilters!  You did a great job.

And the fun doesn't end on the front!  This quilt is packed full of action! I'm hoping to send this quilt to a charity that is donating quilts to people affected in the Slave Lake fire.  This city is only a few hours away from where I live, so I was happy to hear there is a charity set up to give quilts to these folks who have lost their homes.  

And just a peek at my cutting table and design wall to show you that things are brewing...  although I can't do any more cutting till I clean up!

It has been a rather long time...

In my part of the world, which would be central Alberta, Canada, July is THE month of the year.   For beautiful weather, that is.  And for birthday parties, and camping trips and Bible camps and splashing in the pool.  But one thing it is NOT the month for is sewing, or quilting, or blogging.

But I did want to pop in and show you the one quilt I've made this month.  OK, I guess it was made in June...

This one was made for someone very special to me.  (I don't know if she ever reads this here blog so I won't say anything too gushy or personal and embarrass her!)  She graduated this year and per my usual way of doing things, I only decided a week ahead that yes, I was going to make her a quilt.

I had a few special pieces of fabric that I wanted to incorporate, and I wasn't sure how to put them all together in a cohesive way.  I decided to use an aqua solid as the background and make wonky stars featuring some of these special prints.

This backing did NOT photograph well!  In real life it's really a lovely earthy-looking fabric.  She loves the outdoors and horses, so it was just perfect for this quilt.

And on another note, here are a few great links to help you waste a bit more time at your computer!!

Ok, I would really like EVERYONE to read this one.  Beautifully written, and I was going Yes! Yes! Yes!  when I read it.

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See you in August!