You guys, this is the most exciting post I've written so far!  I'm just loving it!  My hair is practically crackling with excited energy!!  (and no, I'm not writing a book...)  so maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, since this isn't really a big big deal, it's just fun.

So before I get ahead of myself and tell the punchline first, let me explain.  Did anyone think my last post was a little wierd?  I got a few reminders to just be myself, and YES, I couldn't agree more.  My biggest pet peeve is when people apologize on their own blog.   Neither was I trying to lure more followers, or get more comments.

The reason I asked for your opinions was a sudden burst of curiousity, and a genuine desire to give you something you like to read.

 I've always had the niggling thought that I should do more tutorials.  There are a few reasons that I haven't.  Number one would be the fact that I don't really 'think' in instructions.  I rarely read tutorials, or directions.  I'll skim for the measurements if I need them, and other wise I just wing it!  Now this is NOT as glamorous as it may sound!  It makes for quite a few flops and messy mistakes, but that's just my natural instinct.

So naturally, I don't think about the fact that others might like to learn how to make something, and also I generally don't have the grand idea to make a quilt into a tutorial until the quilt is completed.  I have taken no pictures of the process, and to make another quilt just to document the process would be b.o.r.i.n.g.

Also, there are so many awesome tutes out there already, I'm not about to waste my time duplicating some one else's work, and I don't feel right sharing a pattern or process that is in a book still available for purchase.  That doesn't leave me with many options.

BUT, all this to say, I think I'm up for the challenge of creating a tutorial in the near future!  It maaaay be the one I showed you a peak of in my last post...

Ok, now for the fun part!!!  As I was writing my last post, I had this great idea... and it starts with the letter G...

Yes, a giveaway!  It's a surprise one, and there's no entering it any more.  All the folks who so kindly commented on my last post were sneakily entered and two winners were randomly chosen.  Those two will each win one of the fat quarter stacks shown here.  (the red isn't a full FQ, it was just the perfect fabric here, but I didn't have enough)

So it's a little thank you for taking the time to visit me and leave a comment, and an apology for my random replying to your comments.  (It all depends how much time I have available after posting)  But I don't pick and choose who I answer!  I either reply to every one, or no one on each post.  (unless you're a no-replyer).  and yes, I'm contemplating how I can change my own sketchy system, but enough of that! oh, and I appreciate EVERY comment, that's why I want to make it a priority to consistently reply.

So yah, I'm waiting till the very end to announce the winners!  And a little disclaimer for the winners:  If you already have these fabrics in your stash, or know that you won't use these in a million years, just let me know and I'll gladly customize a different bundle for you.  And since this was done without your 'permission', there's no obligation if you'd prefer not to be included.  I'll just choose someone else.

So here's the random winners:

#29 - Trish
#42 - Kimberly White

So Trish and Kimberly, I hope you're half as excited about this as I was!  If you don't mind, please shoot me an email with your address.  (Go to 'Contact' on the top of the page)


  1. Jolene, I think this the the PERFECT way to do a give away. Congrats to Trish and Kimberly.

  2. That is awesome! Great idea and sweet of you.

  3. Love it! Congrats, ladies :) And very pumped if you are going to show me how you make those stars! I am in a bit of a star mood lately....

  4. How fun! I'm just bummed that I'm so behind on reading my favorite blogs, otherwise I could have been entered in the giveaway as well!

  5. i'm really wishing my name was trish or kimberly white right now! i am so excited jolene and can't wait to see what you teach us!

  6. A surprise giveaway is fun! Congrats to the winners!

    Curious...what is the bottom gray flowered fabric? It's gorgeous...

  7. Ah, Jo, you're so generous. That's awesome.

    I think it would be fantastic if you did more tutorials...your blog is so easy to read and follow, I an imagine your tutorials would be much the same. Even if you don't read other folk's tutorials...there are those of us who are tutorial hounds, like moi..it's the only way I can learn how to do things. So, the more pictures and the more instructions there are - the better. Hooray for your blog!!

  8. What a great giveaway!! Lucky gals!! I feel the same way you do about tutorials, and have hesitated to make them myself- not that great at it. I work in much the same way, so I often forget photos, and hope the reader can be comfortable with a bit of "winging it". I look forward to seeing what you have to teach us. Love your work and your blog!!!

  9. great giveaway... i love those colors all together. A tutorial on your last sneak peek would be great!

  10. Yay! for the cool surprise give away:)
    (i'd have been excited too :) )

  11. I love the selections you made. Great idea for a giveaway

  12. Oh my goodness ... here I was reading away and then I see that you picked me! I feel so blessed!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!! Kim
    Ps. The fabric you chose is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hi! My computer won't let me email you. Here's my email:

  14. Congratulations Trish and Kimberley!

    Since when are blue elephants dark horses? LOL

  15. A great blog, Jolene - I have had so much fun browsing, thanks!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  16. Love your giveaway idea - should go to someone who makes the effort!

  17. What a sweet gesture! love your fabric you chose for the girls! Congratulations to those who won!

    I would love to see more tutorials too! I think I end up doing more/accomplishing more tutorials on blogs than with the patterns I purchase! (unless it's a pattern from a quilter/sewer on a blog)

    Can't wait to see the peek of the last post!