do.Good Stitches Rainbows

another long overdue project finished up!  Each person in our charity quilting group sent
 me two rainbow stripe blocks.  These blocks sat in the cupboard for a long time, and 
when I pulled them out, I knew I wanted to put them together with white sashing between. 

Adding borders and sashing meant that I had four extra blocks, so I took out the four 
lightest blocks and made a baby quilt out of them. 

Then, a few days after completing those two quilts, I happened to be looking in my cupboard again,
 and realized that I'd missed four more blocks!  So I made another one.  Feels kind of good to 
have three quilts to send off to My Very Own Blanket.  And it's helping me use up my stash!

sparkling weekends

quilt pattern - Sparkling Cider, available here
(i added an extra row to make it 80" square)

a fat quarter pack of this entire collection is plenty to make this quilt
plus you'll need about a yard of background fabric
- I used a Kaffe Fasset shot cotton - 

         quilting - good old-fashioned stippling, which makes a large quilt work fairly well on my regular 
sewing machine

next up - Hopscotch with Dream On by Urban Chiks  (also with the inspiration of My Precious Quiltalong)

Simple Patchwork

Thanks so much for all your encouraging comments on my last post!  I

If there's one thing I HAVEN'T been doing much of the last few months, it's quilting!  Which means I have a massive backlog of quilt ideas in my head.

But suddenly I'm on a roll to finish up all unfinished quilts before I start anything new.  We'll see how long that resolve lasts, but I'm gonna try!

And I'm trying not to buy ANY new fabric either!  Now that's a tough one.

So here's one that I just finished up and added to my Etsy shop.  Simple squares of Anna Maria Horner fabric (9 inch squares I think) and I did a combo of flannel backing and tying rather than quilting.  I also did a sandwich method rather than binding which completes the super-softness and makes this more a blanket than quilt.

It's very simple to finish a quilt this way, just make sure your top, batting and backing are all the same size.  Then layer them right sides together, and pin around the edges.  Sew around the edges, leaving an opening to turn the quilt right side out.  Finally hand sew the opening shut and you're done!


so i'm sitting here quilting this ginormous quilt (80"x80") and thinking sheepishly about how i've missed yammering on about quilty stuff here on my blog.

also thinking about the reasons i decided to step back, and maybe the lessons i've learned about those reasons so maybe i could make it all work.

and ideas and thoughts on all types of quilting, blogging, and book writing topics.

and maybe some ways i could make this blog work without taking more of my time than it should.